Rating: 4

hershey4690 Z Hair Academy

I really like this place a lot. For a college town, it's nice to have a cheaper way to get your hair done. I've always been happy when I've left, but they are a little slow. (I understand they're still learning, so it never upsets me to be there for a little extra time.)

Rating: 4

hershey4690 23rd Street Brewery

I love this place. The food always impresses me, and I like their drinks as well. They are pretty expensive, so as a college student, I only go there when my parents come to visit and are paying the tab. The service is usually pretty slow, but it's a laid back atmosphere so it doesn't really bother me.

MattLlewellyn replies...

Thanks hershy4690 for the review and we truly appreciate your loyalty. We do not ever want to be slow. I do know that on busy weekends we struggle to get food out to the tables in a timely manner. Please know that we are working very hard to fix this problem. In the meantime we certainly appreciate your patronage! Thanks again, Matt Llewellyn

foodfan replies...

I understand, I've worked at restaurants before. I continue to go there frequently, so it's not necessarily a bad thing! I always know when I go there I can relax and not be rushed. I actually had my 21st birthday dinner there too back in April and everyone loved it! Keep it up!