Cindy Hart


Rating: 5

Cindy Hart Basil Leaf Cafe

Love. Love. Love this place. This is our "go to" place when we want an amazing, comforting "home cooked" meal without doing any cooking ourselves! We've eaten in the restaurant once and it was fun for the kids. Always since have called in the order and picked up in the drive thru. Which, by the way, is one of the reasons that it's a favorite - when you have two kiddos in car seats and you desperately want to grab dinner that is NOT fast food, your options are very minimal. To drive thru and get this quality of food is amazing! The portions are incredibly generous. We tried the Tortellini Cordon Bleu after reading another review and LOVE it. Lasagna, catfish salad & mac-n-cheese are other favorites. There's also a wonderful spicy pasta dish that I don't remember the name of. Hasn't been anything we've ordered that we didn't like. Please keep up the great work and this mom thanks you so much for the drive-thru!!

Rating: 5

Cindy Hart None

We just brought home Gran-Daddy's for dinner and I just had to write a quick review while I'm still in this glorious post-fabulous-dinner haze. We love Grand-Daddy's. Plain and simple we have never had a bad meal or been less that thrilled with anything we've ever ordered and we've eaten there for years. Tonight was the ribs - that are so perfectly cooked and have the best flavor. With sides of baked beans, cole-slaw & fries - the entire family is happy. You get great food for a great value.