Rating: 5

frizbie76 Century School, Inc.

That negative review is shocking and, from my history with Century School, a  totally foreign experience!  My husband and I have had at least one child at Century for the last 7 years.   We have three children, 2 have transitioned very successfully into public school, and one is currently at Century.  We love Century and rave about its unique ability to instill a love for learning.  They opened my eyes to what is even possible with a child.   There are so many great things to valuing leadership.  They do a great job of showing the older children how to mentor, guide and set the example for the younger ones.  Often you see the olders take this lead on their own, reminding a younger to ask nicely or helping them when they are stuck.  As a parent, I always feel so welcome to be there.  I can walk in the classroom, my child can show me what he/she is working on (so proudly), and I am not made to feel out of place or in the way.  The teachers are always willing to tell you of progress, what they may be working on or an achievement they made.  Reports are  given to you of the formal  assessments (Woodcock Johnson) taken by your child, which happen at least every 6 months.  Another part of the citizenship/friendship aspect that we love is that they cheer one another on.  I could go on and on.....from academics to leadership to genuine community..... We have found Century to truly be a different kind of school, perhaps the way school should be.  We have found it to work so amazingly for our three children who differ greatly in learning styles and personality.