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elysium Tyler Appliance

I really should have known better when I did business with him that I had the capability of getting ripped off. Due to a health condition that had put me on disability and decreased my ability to think clearly, and the fact that I had to do this quickly for my brother who tended to be less capable of social dialogue enough to even ordering pizza without getting angry at people who had a hard time understanding him, I went about getting the dryer anyway, knowing it can be hard to find a used dryer that someone would be willing to move to the basement. Shortly after my brother bought the dryer, it started making more noise than normal, and eventually was so loud that it could be easily heard on the 3rd floor of my house, making it more difficult for all of us to sleep. It was within the one month warranty so I kept pestering him to take the dryer back and replace it and miraculously, he was never available to answer it or return my calls. Finally one day he messes up and answers it, tells me he'll replace it as soon as he can get an extra hand to move it (I hear kids in the background, I assume it is to save face). I never hear back from him. Soon after this guy had left the first time, my brother with aspbergers syndrome who bought the dryer started getting pissed off about the arrangement of the deal (I had tried hard to get him to back out as I was having major doubts once it was in the basement) and he had bought it anyway and looked more angry than I had ever seen him to the degree that I was frightened of my brother. I told the man he had had anger problems and was reacting severely, but he doesn't seem to care about ripping off the disadvantaged and socially isolated people who already have anger issues at much of the world. It came out to being very inhumane, but fortunately, the owner of this business doesn't have to deal with the fall out like I did. Thank-you for being just another individual to stab my brother and myself in the back.

Jack_is_a_crook replies...

I was very, VERY patient with JACK, and all he did was take our money! Once he got his cash it was like pulling teeth to get him to come back and fix the garbage he left at my house !
We paid pretty good money for a used washer and dryer, and the washer quit working the same day he left it at my house. He "guaranteed" them to work for 45 days. I think our machine lasted 45 minutes. After calling him many, many times only to be berated for bothering him, he refused to honor his "guarantee".

I would seriously go anywhere else but this guy! Beware, he is also all over Craigslist, just look for the name Jack, and the above listed phone number.