Rating: 5

elliotts Eagles' Rest Natural Mattresses and Furniture

I have fibromyalgia which causes me to have pressure point pain in my joints, especially in my hips, back and shoulders. Two years ago I bought a savvy rest mattress from Diane at Eagles' Rest and, at the risk of sounding overly dramatic, it changed my life...my sleeping life anyway. Until I bought this mattress I rarely slept. I woke up, dozed off, woke up, you know the drill. Now I sleep the entire night through and when I wake up I do not have pain. These mattresses are made of natural latex (from rubber trees, not petroleum) and are customized for each individual. The top of the mattress zips off so the foam latex can be rearranged to your preference. There are three layers that come in soft, medium and firm. You choose the layers you want so yours might be two softs, one firm, three mediums, etc. Diane worked with me until I found exactly the level of softness I needed. I've always liked a fairly firm bed but recently I decided to try making it softer. The latex does not go clear across the bed - it is split like two twins put together. This is so each side can be customized for each sleeper. I sleep alone, so I just opened up my bed and changed the layers around so now one side is really soft and one side is really firm. I was worried that making it softer would affect my back but the latex is so supportive I haven't had a problem. I bought a fluffy wool (no it's not hot, wool is a natural temperature regulator) topper for it which is wonderful. Before getting this mattress I used to dread going to bed. Now I go to bed early to read because I am so comfortable. I am so glad I found Diane & savvy rest!