Rating: 4

ecm5119 Fix Salon

I decided to try out this salon based on their Lawrence GiveBack status. I went and despite the stylist being a little late, I was impressed. Everyone loved the cut and color. It was a little more than I was used to paying, but the GiveBack aspect made it worth it.

Rating: 4

ecm5119 Danielsan Electric

Good guy, good service, and his pricing is nice too. We chose to work with this company because of their Lawrence Giveback participation and will use them again in the future.

Rating: 4

ecm5119 Castle Overhead Garage Doors

We used this company to have our garage door opener repaired. Personable and professional and the repair was completed quickly once the part was received. Seemed a bit expensive to me, but it was cheaper than replacing the unit.

Rating: 4

ecm5119 Jayhawk Guttering

We've used this company a couple of times now. Simply put is that you call, they bid, you accept, and one day you come home and the work has been done. I like that I don't have to be home when they are working and that they just send me the bill.