Rating: 1

drp2012 Aberdeen Apartments


I would never recommend this place to anyone who likes to live decently!

They say you receive a fully clean apartment, but don't be fooled. I was given a dirty unit with the excuse that was the only available and I needed a place right away. However, I was lucky compared to the unit my neighbor moved into.

The office staff DO NOT have much idea of how to run things an apartment complex, and don't expect to talk to the manager directly, since he is too chicken to face tenants. Since they mainly work with college students, they have kids dealing with them. They are unreliable, rude, slow and lie to your face.

When moving out Don't expect to receive your deposit but a big bill with no "valid proof of anything" they are charging you for.

Walls are so thin you hear EVERYTHING. Oh, if you don't like seeing dog poop everywhere, go somewhere else. They do not clean the premises nor do they ask the tenants to clean after their pets. This was a constant fight with them.

Don't get fooled by the model unit that they will show you... DO NOT LIVE HERE! Lawrence has many apartment complexes which are far better.