Rating: 2

dipweed Queen Lizzy's Fish & Chips

Fish and chips were crisp and cooked well, but very bland with no salt or spices in the batter and a lot of grease. Our group had to wait an hour to be served since there was only one guy running the place as manager, waiter, cook, take-out, and cashier. 23rd Street Brewery fish and chips is much better in my opinion and I'm very picky.

queenlizzys replies...

I am terribly sorry you had a bad experience with us here. We try to provide exceptional customer service and in the case of your visit we failed. Greasy food is unacceptable and the issue has been brought up with the kitchen about making sure the food is allowed time to drain properly. Also, could you let me know when it was that you visited as there really is no excuse as to why it would have taken an hour to get you served, the only time one person should be here is on a Sunday when it is very very slow.

Again we are very very sorry your visit with us was unsatisfactory and I would like to offer you a meal on us to try and make up for it.

Feel free to call on 785-856-5570 or email me at matt@queenlizzys.com