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This client threw up roadblocks from the very beginning. On the day of his move, he called less than an hour before his scheduled time to say he could not do the move until 4:00 p.m. The Operations Chief scrambled to make this happen. Prior to this day, he had called several times, not seeming to understand the charges and time involved in his move. These were explained repeatedly. The move manager was not combative; he simply was surprised to see as many items as this client had, but assured him he would not be charged a penalty for this. The client called during the move to complain about a perceived "attitude" from the movers and was concerned that they wished to hydrate during the move. He was assured that he would not be charged for the time this took. He also complained about the travel time involved in getting to the job (standardly charged by most movers) and no more than fifteen minutes in this case. The time was subtracted in order to accommodate the client's wishes. At the end of the move, the client, who had insisted his move be changed until late in the afternoon, announced he could not stay any longer, that he had to be somewhere at 6:30 and told the movers just to set the goods down (normally we place these for the client). Apparently, the $90.00 fee about which the client complains was never understood by him, in spite of the dispatcher's best efforts. It is NOT a transportation fee per se; it includes protective coverings for the client's items and also insures his goods. An owner of the company tried to explain all of these things to the client by phone; he became very agitated and finally said that he would take down this review if he received a further discount. Our company always tries to make the best of a situation on a move and in this instance, we did the very best we could under very difficult odds.