Rating: 1

chewy_carnitas Hurricane Alley Car Wash

This is a horrible, horrible place. As soon as I drove into the "tunnel" an employee was standing there screaming at me to put my car in Neutral. So I did. Next thing I know, the same employee is yelling at the top his lungs for me to put my car in Drive. So I obey. Then two seconds later he's yelling at me again to put my car in Neutral and giving me dirty looks while I put the car back into the correct designated gear.

How about some signage as you enter the tunnel stating, "Put car in neutral"?! That way the employee wouldn't have to scream at me at the top of his lungs, all confusion would be eliminated, and things would go much more smoothly.

Overall, this experience left a bad taste in my mouth and I wouldn't recommend this car wash to anyone. It's a fairly new place and looks all clean, modern and automated from the outside. You wouldn't expect them to have employees there at all. The same young man was squeegeeing soap onto my windshield while he was yelling, and then two huge rubber scrubbers came down directly on top of the windshield from somewhere above and it was a royal mess of soap, water and screaming employees.

Get your act together, hang up some informative and easily-visible signage, can the yelling, and you'll probably have happier customers.

I can't speak to other customers' reports of scratched paint because so far I haven't had the nerve to actually look at my car.

Rating: 4

chewy_carnitas A & S Rental Solutions

Smaller company but usually fast to respond to issues. They are more laid-back than some of the other management companies. Sometimes they can be a little hard to reach because their office hours are only 5 hrs a day, but I would recommend them over some of the other companies.