Rating: 1

cbohnstedt La Parrilla

My boyfriend and I went out one evening for dinner and we both ordered the chimichanga. Mine tasted pretty good, the tortilla was crisp and the serving was pretty decent. As I was eating my food, I realized my boyfriend was making a face at his plate. He told me that his tasted weird, and I dismissed it because we got the same thing and mine was just fine. After a few minutes of him not touching his food, I tried a bite. HUGE MISTAKE. I've never eaten poop, but I'm fairly confident that if someone were to roll up some poop into a fried tortilla, it would taste like that chimichanga. I had to spit the food out and run to the bathroom to vomit it was so horrible. To this day I don't know how my boyfriend didn't get sick from eating it. The waiter was very accommodating and offered to get a new chimichanga, but the disgusting taste was still there and both of our appetites were ruined. I'm not sure if it was a sanitation issue or something else, but it was absolutely revolting. I don't even like to think about what could've happened to make the beef taste THAT bad. I'm sure if we went back we wouldn't have such a bad experience, but I'd rather go somewhere else and not take my chances.