Rating: 1

bos1986 Aberdeen Apartments

Where do I start? This place is one-of-a-kind. I have lived in 4 apartments two in overland park, one in Topeka, and then Aberdeen. I am currently living at Aberdeen and unfortunately I signed another lease. I am stuck here until July. This place is disgusting. They thought by painting, having cook outs, and a garage sale that would make people want to live here. I would rather live in the worse part of Topeka than here. It is dirty, infested with spiders, outdated, and the staff is very incompetent. No one picks up their dog crap and NO one leashed their dogs. Instead of moving into a apartment complex you are moving into a dog park. The walls are very thin so you are able to hear people yelling and stereos blaring.

The staff is all college kids so they don’t seem to know anything. I have called a couple of times about different issues and they had to put me on hold to look it up! I even called to talk to a manager once and they asked me to leave a message. Never heard back. The maintenance crew does not inform you if they enter your apartment. If you want to live in a white trash complex then come on over. Aberdeen is the place for you!