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abc 123 The Tan Company

WARNING!! DO NOT TAN HERE!! I tanned there for a short time and would recommend anyone to tan anywhere else in lawrence but there. A short time after I started tanning there I noticed a ring-shaped rash in two different areas on my skin. I went to my doctor shortly after they started to itch and turn red to find out that it was ringworm!!! I was shocked because I have never picked up any type of fungal infection anywhere before in my life. I had a few people tell me how clean the salon was compared to other places in lawrence, BUT THIS IS OBVIOUSLY NOT THE CASE. I would URGE someone from the BOARD OF COSMETOLOGY to go and inspect the salon so it can be shut down to prevent anyone else from getting it!!!

TanCoLawrence replies...

As the owner of The Tan Company I apologize if in fact your problem was a result of my salon. The Tan Company has the very best reputation for cleanliness and customer service. We have procedures in place to always create a hospital clean environment. We detail all of our equipment regularly and thoroughly. After every session we thoroughly sanitize our equipment and rooms. That is why we have created the reputation as the cleanest salon in town. My stores have tanned over 200,000 people and I have never had an issue with cleanliness. I would really appreciate it if client "abc 123" would contact my store so I can personally speak to you about your situation.