Rating: 1

VTSaxy Women's Healthcare Group

I would not recommend Women's Healthcare Group for care of pregnant women. My own experiences were unpleasant and I felt as though I was not an important patient. After a miscarriage, I came to WHCG for new doctors. I had a second miscarriage and subsequent surgery. When I became pregnant for a third time, I made sure I was seen by Dr. Courtney Younglove early on. I shared my concerns about miscarriages and anxiety. She seemed very concerned and recommended I see a counselor. As the weeks passed, I had bleeding. When I called the nurse line, I had to leave a message and NO ONE returned my call. I had a third miscarriage and never saw or heard from Dr. Younglove ever again. She did not perform the D&C nor did I see her at my follow up exam. (This was due to scheduling and that was acceptable to me, but as her patient, I expected at least a phone call.)

Dr. Moulton performed my surgery after the miscarriage and he was absolutely horrible. He was extremely rude to me when I was upset. I felt he was very insensitive. He later apologized to my husband but never to me.

After a battery of tests ordered by Dr. Estrin, a NURSE called to tell me there was nothing more they could do for me. I should see a specialist. And that was that. I really don't think I was expecting too much of a healthcare provider, but apparently I was. I considered writing all this in a letter and mailing it to WHCG, but who knows if anyone would read it.

Rating: 5

VTSaxy GreenTouch Tree & Lawn

ALL-N-1 is a great company to work with! We asked that a design be created for our front and back yards. The designer, Anthony is knowledgable, friendly and thorough. He took time to visit our property several times and make a plan that fit our needs. Our front flower bed is now beautiful and his team worked quickly and neatly. We are going to continue to work with Anthony and ALL-N-1 for the rest of our projects. They are highly recommended!