Al Capp


Rating: 1

Al Capp Mexquisito

Feo, mal y triste. Taco Bell es mejor.

Rating: 1

Al Capp Panda & Plum Garden

Lousy. We went at noon so the buffet should have been fresh. The hot food was barely warm, the cold items were barely cool, and the 'fresh fruit' was fossilized. Fried items were both doughy and dried out. The 'hot and sour soup' appears to be a glarp of leftover egg drop soup, vinegar and whatever. I made the mistake of trying a brownie because the Chinese food was so bad. I actually spit it out, it was so stale. I used to go here over 20 years ago, and the food appears to be left over from the 80's . I've had better food at McDonald's. Only people who have never had real Chinese food could like this junk. But at least the server was nice.

pandaplum replies...

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the buffet food, please inform your server and/or the host/hostess. He or she will gladly have the kitchen cook the food fresh. Please know that the Panda & Plum Garden strives to provide the best food in town. Without customers' comments and suggestions like yours, we cannot know how we are doing. Thanks.

Tim Quest replies...

Ironically, Panda & Plum Garden is the only place in town that has an AUTHENTIC Chinese food menu. You just have to ask for it.

They are great! Best Chinese (even American-Chinese, which is what people think of as "Chinese food") cuisine in town.