Rating: 1

Supertoaster Fat Freddy's Pizza and Wings

Last week, I would have given Fat Freddy's a glowing review. However my experience a few days ago has completely changed my view of this restaurant that I am accustomed to ordering from at least once a week. I ordered online for the first time, and since I live in Meadowbrook, the online system told me to enter my nearest intersection instead of my address, as it could not locate me. This is a common problem for Meadowbrook residents, even when I call the restaurant instead of ordering online. I figured Freddy's would call me and verify my location, like they have to do every time I order (which is no problem for me, I understand I chose to live in a place that seems to be invisible to mapquest, googlemaps, and any other address verification system).
After forty-five minutes, I had not received my cheesy fries, so I called up to the store to make sure that they had received my order. They told me they had my order, and the driver was leaving now. I said thank you, hung up, and another forty five minutes passed. I called up to the store again, politely asked if I could get a refund, as it was now an hour and a half of waiting, and I was sure my fries were now cold. I received Fred on the phone, who proceeded to scream at me, tell me I could not work a computer, I gave him the incorrect address, and that it was not his fault. He wouldn't even let me talk to him, and when I asked if he could stop interrupting me, he hung up. I called back to the store again, asked for Fred again, and tried to ask why he didn't give me a call to verify my address. He said it was standard procedure to call, and when I told him I hadn't yet received a phone call, he told me he was cancelling my order and hung up on me yet again. At this point, I decided to speak to him in person since he would not talk to me over the phone, or give me food, or my money back. When I arrived at the store, the man at the front told me his manager had left and would not be back.
I finally got them to make my food since I was already at the store. I took my fries and left, but I'm sorry, Fred, you've permanently lost my business for your ridiculously unprofessional actions. What I find interesting, is that on this page, Fred has responded to some people asking why they never called the store to allow him to fix their order. Having done this, and having been verbally abused, I now see that Fred is clearly a liar and a terrible business manager. Order at your own risk, he will ruin your night, tell you that you are stupid, that nothing is his fault, and not face any additional questions you may have. I used to be in love with you Fred, but now we are breaking up.

EDIT: After reading additional comments, I realized that Fred used to run Gumby's too. I used to order from Gumby's religiously as well until the manager screamed in my face that my coupon did not exist, ripped it up, and threw it in my face. I can only assume Fred is this person.