Rating: 3

SBerrie Basil Leaf Cafe

Are all of these posts from the owner?

Adrian Jacobs replies...

Hi, Adrian Jacobs here, moderator for the LMP reviews. Thanks for the question, I checked out a couple of the 5 star posts and can tell you that they are not from the owners of the Basil Leaf.

walterbradley replies...

Two bad reviews in a week is someone out to get me?? F.Y.I ..After working 12-14 hour days I hardly have the time ,energy, or will to come home and sit in front of a computer and make fake profiles and give out fake reviews just to boost my establishments profile. People like us and love our food on the rare occasion someone doesnt maybe we just had an off moment or someone just doesnt know what they are ordering or dont have a taste for the bold flavors..So to answer on my behalf..NO I havent made any comments or reviews on my establishment on here or any other review page. Thanks for asking though and have a great day..And if you have an unsatisfactory meal please talk to someone on staff and we will gladly take care of you and make your experience better and work with you so you are happy and leave satisfied

ti62421 replies...

Though the owner has already responded I'd like to say that it should be obvious to anyone who reads through these reviews that the owner wants to use this service at to its full advantage! He clearly wants to thank people who give good reviews and when he receives a poor review he wants to figure out what went wrong so he can remedy the situation!

He wants to be a legitimately successful business owner that pleases his customers. If he didn't want to he would probably over-price his food and completely ignore this site as most Lawrence business owners do. Instead, he pays attention to the reviews!

And check out his Facebook page! He has so much information on there including menus! I get so frustrated when I see business owners not use the internet to their advantage (especially Facebook because it is so accessible for both business owners and customers!) and not offer a menu online (so helpful when multiple people are deciding where to eat!)!

Chef Walt, your use of the internet as an accessible information outlet is refreshing! :)

ti62421 replies...

P.S. he has pictures of dishes on his Facebook page too, which is great! I love to be able to see the food so I can really get an idea of what I'll be getting if I'm stopping in for carryout-nobody likes to get home and open their food and get something they totally weren't expecting!