Rating: 5

RichardKUAlumni Bambino's Italian Restaurant

Thanks Bambino's. My family and I have been going to the Bam. for years, even when they were on Mass. If you have not been to the new location, it's to die for. The old location was small this place is big with a nice looking bar area and outside patio. To me the service and food got way better. The food is not only good they give a good portion to fill you. The price is very reasonable. I also like the new mood, paintings right on the walls, and music they play. Speaking of music a few weeks back we went their I beleave it was a Saturday night and they had a live musician playing great guitar and some original songs. If I had any complain it would be that they don't have more than one location in town. Lawrence could use more restaurants like this. Thank's Bambino's