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Pols33 The Tan Company

First of all, the hours on this page are wrong. This place changes its hours nearly everyday for a number of reasons, none of which make sense. Once I walked up to go tanning at 5:30 p.m. on a Tuesday when storms were in the forecast and a sign on the door said, "The Tan Co. is closed due to the threat of inclement weather." Right. Second, it is overpriced. Especially if you want to tan without a monthly membership. I went in with a Groupon in March or April and was disappointed they were trying to trick people into buying memberships, acting as though your Groupon wouldn't be valid unless you agreed to pay their monthly fees or start by trying out their more expensive beds. Very gimmicky, very bad hours, very rude staff. It also takes a really long time to get signed in. Which is all a shame because it is a great location and the beds are good and clean. I wouldn't waste my time going to The Tan Co., not when there are plenty of other places to tan in Lawrence.

TanCoLawrence replies...

We apologize about the hours being incorrect on here, they have been fixed. We have had to adjust our hours on a couple occasions due to being a new store & watching our session count during certain hours of the days. We do offer an array of options in terms of how our clients like to tan. As in sessions, weeks, months and multiple membership options. We do not want any of our clients to feel 'tricked' into doing the membership program but instead help them understand their options in how they can upgrade what they have purchased on groupon and get a great deal if they are interested. In terms of the staffing it has changed significantly since the store opening and we now hope that they are portraying the amazing customer service we pride ourselves in. Also now that we are not a brand new salon checking in has become easier due to the fact that everyone that is walking in does not need to start a package at that time. Again we apologize for your experiences with the hours and staff!

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Pols33 Hurst Diamonds

I don't even want to give this awful store any stars. HORRIBLE PLACE TO SHOP FOR AND BUY JEWELRY! Bad customer service, bad repairs and bad products. My husband purchased my engagement ring there about over year ago and within a month all the diamonds had fallen out of the band. After three separate and poor repairs (bad soldering, replacing lost diamonds with diamonds of different size, cut and clarity), that resulted in me not having my engagement ring for months, we asked for our money back. After meeting with the owner of the store multiple times he refused - he would only give us a brand new version of the same ring from the same manufacturer. Why would I want the same ring that broke before? How do I know it won't break again? I certainly didn't trust their ability to repair the ring if it did in fact break. The owner kept blaming it on the manufacturer and refused to stand behind the products he stocks his store with. Well, if the manufacturer is so bad then why do you carry their products at all? It all came down to BAD customer service but ultimately BAD products. I was so disappointed. Luckily, they eventually gave us a little bit of our money back (but certainly not all) and we saved up more and bought a new ring somewhere else that we're much happier with. This place is trash. This place is awful. This place should close. I'm going to report them to the BBB and I hope no one ever goes there again. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. Don't go to Hurst Fine Diamonds.