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Oksana Jack Ellena Honda

Jack Ellena Honda stands behind their product. We had a problem with our transaction about 10 months after our purchase. Even though they didn't do anything illegal during the transaction, they presented us with an upfront and fair remedy to our situation. They agreed to purchase the vehicle back from us, and I would recommend them to anyone who is in the market to purchase a vehicle. John, the owner, is an outstanding person and businessman. He personally corresponded with us during our problem, and presented a fair buyout option. I will, if they want to do business with us in the future, shop there again. I am very impressed with their customer service, and I would be confident that anyone who shops at their store will receive a fair deal. We can't forget, they are not in business to break even. They are a business to make money, as well they should be! That's what keeps capitalism alive and our country's economy growing. These people are fair and honest. Just do a minimal amount of research on your purchase, and you will come out smelling like a rose. They are good home town people, and I hope our previous transaction wont tarnish any future dealings I hope to have down the road. Thanks to John, Coop and the rest for your understanding and over the top customer care. Good people are hard to find nowadays, and I believe we've found it here, with Jack Ellena Honda!

JackEllenaHonda replies...

I must apologize upfront for the length of our response but feel that it is warranted due the omitted facts and misinformation the above review contains.
First these customers were presented with a Carfax vehicle history report on their vehicle at time of it was purchased. The first page of the report, at the very top of the page, clearly shows both the accident and the air bag deployment along with a yellow caution triangle next to them. Both he and his wife signed the first page as well as initialing every other page of the report. They have taken the position is that no one told them the importance of this report but the fact that they were asked to initial every page indicates that it wasn’t just a rushed through, sign here type of document. So I think it’s obvious we did not try to hide anything and made them well aware of the vehicles previous damage
Secondly, the current value of their vehicle is less about a previous accident and more about market conditions. A quick check on websites such as Kelley Blue Book (kbb.com), Edmunds.com, NADA.com and many others indicate that the average trade-in value of a 2009 Honda Civic hybrid with 52,000 miles in this area ranges from about $8,600 to $9,600. That fact that the vehicle has been in an accident does affect the value but certainly not by 50%.
When I met with these Customers they indicated that what they were really trying to accomplish was to get onto a larger vehicle and shorten the term of their payments. We showed them two solutions, similar to vehicles they were shown at other dealers. In both cases we offered to discount the vehicles from an already competitively market price and give them $12,000 for their current vehicle which is significantly more than its current market value. Unfortunately, we were unable to meet the strict payment budget and shorter term they were wanting.
As they stated in their revue they the car has performed well but simply want to move to a larger vehicle. In fact they have driven the car for over ten months an over 12,000 miles.
Finally, even though we feel we have been honest and upfront with this customer through this whole process, in an effort to maintain good customer relations, we have extended an offer to purchase the vehicle from them for $12,000, which again is significantly above its current market value.