Rating: 1

NotinOz Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop

Disreputable, dishonest. Scams college students. Asked to pay for parts on estimate a former employee "missed". Then made me pay for a tail light assembly his mechanic broke when removing to fix the real damage from the estimate. Said estimates are just guesses at what needs to be repaired and can't be held liable for additional items that arise during repair - really?? even if it's your employee's fault??? Shame on you for running a business that way. Unprofessional. Stay away.

lovemycars replies...

Are you sure that you have all of the relevant information regarding your situation, or claim? I have done business at Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop for years with a variety of vehicles and have never been disappointed in any way. The work has always been top notch and completed quickly. Rereading your comment, did you notice the word "estimate" was used referring to the work rather than the word "quote"? They do this because there could be unforeseen circumstances that occur during the repair that require a more extensive repair, and cost.

For an example of the same type of situation in our daily lives, please try this:
Please tell me exactly how much you will spend on your grocery bill this week, without looking in your fridge or pantry. If you nail it to the penny, you are a lucky guesser in my book. If you get within $15, you are pretty realistic and consistent. If your total grocery bill was $150, and you were within 10% that would be considered pretty good. Do you expect professional repair specialists to be more precise than that?

Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop is the only place in the region that I will ever take my vehicles for auto body repair...and I don't even live near Lawrence anymore!