Rating: 5

LifeInLawrence None

Wow! What a great gym. I have lived in Lawrence for over 20 years. I have belonged to all the main gyms; LAC, Maximus/Genisis, and Next Level. Punch beats them all. All there machines work, because they are new. When I was there, I watched the manager, before a boxing class started, take apart one of the tredmills because the belt was very loose and replace a screw to fix it. LAC and Maximus have most of there equipment falling apart.
Punch's instructors are incredible. They really push you. I have knee problems and they adapted exercises for me. Even though there was 20 people in the class I tried, I feel like they gave everyone a lot of attention. I didn't get this from Title. I've heard a rumor that Punch's instructors are not certified. I can tell you that this is only a rumor. They are all certified. Even the boxing instructors have at least 5 years of experience in the ring or have coaching certificates. I can't say this about Title. One of their instructors said their 2 week ceritfication program is a joke. I would normally not think anything of this but it came from a current employee. The biggest item theat got me to join is it is a family oriented gym. Their members come in all shapes, sizes and age groups. During the classes, the instructors adapt exercises for all of them. Other gyms do not do this. This made me feel that everyone in the class is important to the instructor. This is a great gym with quality instructors that has ownership and management that truly go the extra mile for the members.