Rating: 2

LarryNative Fuzzy's Taco Shop

I was hoping the name of the business began with a guy named Fuzzy. I was wrong. My fears were realized when I entered the business and saw " We put the T&A in taco" and "eat me" on the walls. I find the sexual innuendos disgusting and unappetizing and I'm the furthest thing from a prude. The decor is cheap and the paint job is bad. Those things don't bother me though, the guys gotta make a buck and spending big money to open a taco joint is a recipe for disaster. Now for the food. I did not get the fish taco. The tackiness of the business and fish in Kansas..........not gonna do it. Anyway, the secret sauce here I believe is ranch dressing. We had pork, beef and chicken burritos and tacos. We got them mixed up and could not distinguish which was which, they all tasted like ranch dressing and looked the same. The tacos were good, $1.99 but not very big. I would need 4 to make a meal. Salsa is extra which I hate at Mexican restaurants. The sauce on the table is watery vinegar, not good. The burritos were a mess and not good. I hear the fish tacos are good. Since the tacos I had were the only positive experience, Ill go back and try those despite the disgusting name.