Rating: 3

KJ0910 Sunrise Village Townhomes

I just moved here not too long ago. So far I love our townhome! It is very spacious and for a great price. However I hate our neighbors. We have neighbors on both sides and they both seem to not respect the fact they have people living right next to them. One of them parties on week days which is very annoying since I have a full time job. They also play their music very loudly during the middle of the day. All I'm asking is for a little respect.

SunriseApts replies...

We are pleased you are enjoying (for the most part) your new townhome with us. The noise and partying issue is not something you should have to endure. We employ a 24/7 security service - the phone number is on the information booklet provided at move-in - they are on call to take care of any noise or disturbance issues. Please call us at the office as well and we will follow up and make sure your concerns have been addressed in a timely and satisfying manner. We strive to ensure all our tenants have a safe and comfortable stay at our properties. Please feel free to call the office and address any concerns you may have. Thank you, Sunrise Management

Rating: 3

KJ0910 Home Depot

The last time I went to Home Depot I was looking for vent covers and asked three different workers where they might be located. I was pointed in the wrong direction all three times. Finally the third person I asked could tell I was still having troubles finding them and took the time to help look with me. We were finally able to locate them. It's overhwhelming how big that store is so it would help if the workers knew where the product is located.