Rating: 3

Jesse_1984 Kobe Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

I have eaten at quite a few Japanese Steakhouses in my time and I can say that this was not a great one! I am not angry nor do I want to be rude but I do want the manager/kitchen staff to know that compared to other places their food is sub-par. The biggest complaint was the sauces, but it started with the soup. The miso was not good. I thought... uh oh... this is easy, if they messed this up... Then the ginger salad came out. It was TERRIBLE! I didn't eat it. My friend looked at me and says... this isn't very good, is it? He didn't eat it either. The problem was the dressing... Then the main course came. The vegetables and rice were great! I was thinking, huzzah, I can be satisfied! But the chicken was too saucy... anyways that would have potentially been the cook we had but the sauces that he gave us with the meal were, again, terrible. In fact one of them was the same unpleasant dressing that was on the salad!
I love typically sauces and usually ask for more but these tasted like they were burnt. Maybe too much mustard? Maybe it was that batch that day? I am not sure. But I was very disappointed, and I would not go here again with the many other similar establishments nearby that have similar and better food. Or at least sauces. Let me know if you fix your sauce and I will be happy to try you again! Ginger sauce should taste like... ginger... not mustard and fire. I actually described it as burning Christmas tree is what your ginger sauce tasted like.