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Jackie Bunnell Home Sweet Home Dog Resort

Our dog has been going to HSH twice a week for over 5 years. We recently boarded him there for a week - and he came back with coccidia. We had heard rumors that things had gone down hill at HSH - not being properly cleaned. I'd say a case of coccidia confirms those rumors. I'm very disappointed because our dog loves to go there - but I'm going to have very strong reservations about taking him there again, until things improve. Also, I'm one who is frequently asked by others for doggie day care & boarding suggestions. It's gonna be tough to recommend HSH now.

Emily Campbell replies...

If you have children or have had children in school did you keep them out if they became ill due to some other kid brining in the illness? Did you quit your job if you got the flu? Just curious. One issue in 5 years... seems like an awesome track record to me!!

Jackie Bunnell replies...

Good point. Obviously, it just wigged me out at the time. We kept our dog home for a couple of weeks until things had cleared up. He's since back at HSH twice a week, so he can visit his buddies and blow out all that pent up energy.