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JACarpenter Wow!

Is it really true that WOW is not going to carry KU's first "away" game this year (against Rice on Sat - with just a 6 1/2 point spread - per LJWorld this morning)? A game KU could possibly win. Tonight Channel 6, owned by WOW, carried a Sport's Report about the Hawk's desire to break their streak of losing "away" games. I've stayed with S/K/W because of their local news and sports coverage, but maybe we should be looking elsewhere. I'm also tired of having to re-boot our internet once or twice a week to keep receiving the mid-speed signal (I'm on Wicked at work, and know the difference.). WOW did recently lower our monthly bill significantly, to nearly match AT&T -- but why did I have to ask, after hearing from friends that they would do it? Then there was the more than 15 minute wait this morning for each my husband and I when we independently tried to call about this issue by selecting "Cable" from their phone tree. Up front, they answer their phone with the recorded statement, "Your convenience is our priority." I gave up waiting, called again, and this time selected their "Cancel my Service" option, which was immediately answered. The young lady who took my call said that she would certainly report to management that a sports fanatic was upset about a football game that was not going to be carried. Does WOW not realize that the economic engine of our very special, wonderful, multi-dimensional Lawrence community is KU and KU Athletics?