Rating: 5

HPResident Hawks Pointe 2

I started living at Hawks Pointe 2 in July of 2011, I still live here (unfortunately). It is now November of 2012 and I would rather live anywhere else in the world. ANYWAYS, I am writing this review because I want to help you out: although the location is decent and about a ten minute walk from campus, I would advise you to never live here. Why? Because of the less than stellar maintenance and management. In the past year, our maintenance men have been insanely unprofessional and to be frank, LAZY. My roommate and I did not have a functioning toilet for the first two weeks of this school year. At one point during this two week period, they forgot an extension cord; they went into my room (which had the door shut and lights off prior to their "breaking and entering") unplugged all of my electronics from my extension cord, and used my extension cord, to top it off, they did not even put it back! I don't want random dudes rummaging through my stuff...that is wrong, get your own extension cord fools. It gets better though: Hawks Pointe was to fix a dripping faucet on our first floor, well we woke up one morning after maintenance had come to "fix" the faucet and realized out coffee pot was missing, sure enough we found the coffee pot catching the drippings beneath the sink (yes, I am not kidding: this did actually happen).As you could guess, the faucet was not fixed. In addition to these two pain in the a#$ situations, Hawks Pointe recently got new management. They decided that they would switch how residents paid for their utilities. Instead of paying the City of Lawrence for our utilities we are supposed to pay Hawks Pointe for our water bills (a flat rate of $50). WELL, this change was issued in August of 2012, we were never notified of the changes and had continued paying to City of Lawrence. In late October, we were issued a fine of nearly $300 explaining that we are late in "rent." We tried to get to the bottom of it and realized that it had something to do with our water bill situation (changes of which we had never been of informed of). HP2 did the usual scapegoating and provided us with no solutions...are water is still running for the time being. What has lead me to write this review is the fact that our WiFi stopped working this morning. My roommate contacted management and reached the automated British man who "answers," virtually all of your phone calls to the complex. British man explained that Hawks Pointe will be shutting down WiFi for finals week: THE MOST INOPPORTUNE TIME OF THE YEAR! I threw out my ethernet cord when you cheapskates finally got WiFi. Anyways, do yourself a favor and do not live here, at least HP2, I cannot speak for HP1 or HP3.