Edwin Rothrock


Rating: 4

Edwin Rothrock Price Chopper

My mom has had her complicated prescriptions at the Price Chopper Pharmacy for years. Paul and all the staff do a great job managing her 'scripts, and the customer service is always great.

Rating: 3

Edwin Rothrock Kobe Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

The food was good. The service was strange.

We had a reservation for a group of 8, and my wife showed up with everyone but me. Despite the fact that there were several empty tables (7 pm on a Tuesday), they would not seat the group until I showed up, almost as though the dinner could not proceed without the master of the house. My wife was steamed.

But the food was good, including the sushi (always an open question at a grill). And once we were at the table, the service was OK too. We would certainly consider going back.

Rating: 5

Edwin Rothrock Tortas Jalisco

The food is fantastic. Very authentic - a lot of his family's recipes. And I agree with kinsey, if a pork dish is on the specials, order it.

Rating: 5

Edwin Rothrock Lawrence Battery Co.

I love these guys. When I need a new battery, I have one in 5 minutes. When I don't, they tell me so. I had a sporadic electrical problem that they diagnosed in 30 seconds, and didn't try to sell me a battery I didn't need. Cars, boats, motorcycles - they've got it all.

Rating: 5

Edwin Rothrock Yokohama Sushi Japanese Restaurant

We are lucky in Lawrence to have sushi as good as Yokohama's. Consistently excellent.

Rating: 5

Edwin Rothrock WA Restaurant

Had possibly the best sushi dinner I've ever had over the weekend on a date with my spouse. The super white was exceptional. Thanks Wa!

Rating: 4

Edwin Rothrock Yello Sub

Always a good fast meal that the kids love. A great alternative to fast food, and if you call ahead, just as fast.

Rating: 5

Edwin Rothrock Dr. Richard F. Sosinski, MD

I've been through a couple of very tough medical situations in my family with Dr. Sosinski, and his advice and knowledge have been top-notch. He style meshes well with mine, but he was flexible enough to work well with others very different from myself. The office staff is helpful and respectful, and the practice is well run.

Rating: 5

Edwin Rothrock Jensen Retail Liquor

Jeff Jensen and his staff have an amazing variety packed into this little store. And if he doesn't have it in stock, he'll cheerfully work with you to order it in. His knowledge of wines, liquors, and the strange Kansas laws are all outstanding.

Rating: 5

Edwin Rothrock Scotch Fabric Care Services

I love $1.65/shirt Wednesdays! $9 for a week's worth of shirts - pressed and hung. A super bargain when I figure in the time to iron my own.