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Enoughsaid Oread

Last year my nephew got married at The Oread. Against my better judgment, my wife wanted to book a room for the night, two adults/two children. Since it was a KU football weekend we were charged an absorbent fee for a Friday night stay. Also they raised the already absorbent fee to park in their underground garage, stating its a KU football weekend. The KU game was on a Saturday evening but they charged the extra parking fee on a Friday night.

When we went to register, we were told they were out of rooms for two beds, so we were charged extra to bring in a portable bed. The wedding at The Oread was nice and I'm sure The Oread made a killing off of the wedding and providing the meal which I was told was $100 a plate. While talking to one of the young waitress I was alarmed to hear that staff was not allowed to park in the underground parking garage. Anyone who has ever visited KU or The Oread, knows there is no close parking to the hotel. That sucks making a 19 year old female walk several blocks to her vehicle at night.

The next morning we decided to have breakfast at The Oread before we checked out. The prices seemed to be reasonable but the food was brought out cold and the orders got mixed up. While checking out, I learned the Oread has a special taxing district of 1%. I learned that the special 1% goes directly to The Oread as a special tax for building the Oread, pure profit.

I work out with a fitness group that meets several times a week at the KU campus. Last summer The Oread invited the fitness group to their balcony over looking the KU campus and city after our 6:00 pm work-out. We were told there would be Horderves. Went we got there they had staff waiting to take your order but no free horderves. The cheapest item on the menu was a cup of beer for about $4.00. Way to go Oread, tick off a bunch of local Lawrence people. Everyone soon realized all the Oread was trying to do was pick up some business on a slow Tuesday evening.

I plan to stay at The Oread sometime down the road but it will be in the off season when they charge $99 dollars a night for a room and not the gouge rate.

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Enoughsaid Academy Cars

Everytime I hear one of his crazy commericials, I want to scream. He says he is a dealer for the people. This is a used car dealer and I believe his specialty is getting everyone fiancied. What bothers me is that he can get you fiancied and then charge you a hefty documentation (paperwork fee) which is $300. This price is on top of the selling price for the vehicle.

Most dealers in Lawrence charge from 0-to around $200. Some dealers that charge from $100 to $200 are dealers that are full service and sell new cars. These dealers also have a very large overhead and numerous employees.

Vanessa Royer Warren replies...

We charge what the lenders charge us. We are not a franchise dealership, we are a family owned independent dealership. We do have a large overhead, but only a hand full of employees. We do have cash cars if you do not want to finance. The fees are incorporated in the loan. I know we all hate fees, but everything is negotiable before signing.

Academy Cars replies...

I would have to agree with Vanessa. If you would ever want to give us another go we can try and negotiate more to your likeliness. We want you to love your car and the terms. We know if you don't love your car or like your terms you won't want to pay your car payments nor will you want to come back. We want your business for life. It benefits both of us if you (our customers) are happy.

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Enoughsaid McLaughlin Roofing

Around May of this year I hired McLaughlin to replace my roof that had hail damage. I felt his price was fair and they were prompt to start the job and finished in one day. I do feel he sub-contract the work to a group of hispanics from Topeka who are very hard working, honest and polite. The new roof they put on looked top notch and they spent a good amount of time making sure they picked up every nail and pieces of debri from the old roof.

With that being said I recommended McLaughlin Roofing to my brother-in-law around July. McLaughlin Roofing returned my brother-in-law phone call but never showed up the following week like he had said he would. My brother-in-law hired a different roofing company.

Around August I again recommended McLaughlin Roofing to a friend who lived out in the country. He needed a new roof on his house and barn. He hired McLaughlin Roofing and to my knowledge was pleased with their work. Around September I again recommended McLaughlin Roofing to a friend of my wifes. Last word I had was that she was still waiting for McLaughlin roofing to return her phone call she had left with their company.

After hearing that McLaughlin Roofing had failed to return her phone call, I decided to get involved and inquire why they have had such a difficulty in returning her phone call. Well it has been almost three weeks and I've called their anwering service twice and McLaughlin Roofing has yet to return my phone call. What concerns me now is that my new McLaughlin Roof on my house has a five year warranty with their company. What good is the warranty if the company won't return your phone call.

I've contacted one of their roofing suppliers to see if they have gone out of business. I was told they were still in business.

To hire this company would be a coin toss because they forgot about Customer Service.

davemclaughlin replies...

I am glad your roofing project went well enough that you felt confident in my company to refer me several times, this is what we strive for in our roofing service. This has been an un-ordinary year with hail hitting several cities that we do work in, call volume has increased more than 400% and we have had difficulties in returning all calls. I apologize for the lack of response to your calls. We do prioritize calls and I can assure you that warranty problems will be addressed promptly. Referals are crucial to the success of any company, we will continue to work to return all calls. If you or anyone else would like to visit with me directly I can be reached at 785)764-5085 Dave McLaughlin