Rating: 3

Demerit Third Planet Imports

I think it's a decent place.

Not sure where Nicole's used to shopping, but it's not Walmart. So, probably not many "Great Value" prices there.

I spent $11 on a glazed, clay incense holder and felt pretty good with the purchase.

When I've asked for help, I received it. So, I have no complaints with the "customer service experience".

Heading off to there, now.

Rating: 4

Demerit Basil Leaf Cafe

Went there for the first time tonight. Had the BBQ Thai Pulled Pork pasta. It was very good as was the breadstick. Huge portion. Probably will last me a couple more meals...but I keep sneaking into the fridge to snack on it, so we'll see.

Professional, friendly service. I'll definitely go back and try out their other offerings.