Rating: 1

CooleyLackey Aneita's Alterations & Sew Forth


I walked into the store and the clerk was unpleasant and looked as if she wanted me to leave.

I asked for her to shorten my pants by an inch and she threw the pants back at me disgusted and said my pants were dirty and needed to be laundered before she could do anything to them....and my pants were freshly laundered!!!

My pants are very old and should have been tailored years ago, so naturally the bottoms are stained and torn...the whole reason I decided to go there. She insisted they were worn (duh!) and not clean (untrue!) and coldly said in a loud voice, "That's store policy!" All the other clerks working in the back stared at me disgusted that I would bring dirty pants to the store (but again they were washed and hadn't been worn since!)

I don't think this women knows anything about material either. These pants are painted and the color fades easily so that's also what she was seeing. I was so mad and humiliated I walked out before I could tell her that.

I visited another tailor down the street who was shocked the mean queens at Aneita's said my pants were dirty. She said she could tell they were clean, just old and well-worn and that the material is painted and had faded. This other person finished my job well and on the spot (!) and charged a lot cheaper too.

Avoid Aneita's, their ignorant staff, and their mean, belittling and humiliating ways of treating customers.