Rating: 5

ChootemLiz Papa Keno's Pizzeria

I've been getting slices at Keno's for 12 years and I keep getting them b/c they are so good. Huge slices and yummy! In the past the customer service has been lacking but recently it's been very enjoyable. I don't care about their financial status, managerial problems or any of's about the food, that is what review's should be based on.

Rating: 4

ChootemLiz Rudy's Pizzeria

Love Rudy's! The pizza's are great. Crispy crust and great selection of toppings. Their za's are awesome too. I love their building, going downstairs and small little hole in the wall. I don't like the hour wait for delivery but it's worth it.

Rating: 1

ChootemLiz Tad's Pizzeria

We ordered a 18" pie and it was the worst pizza I've ever had. Just at first glance it was covered in grease (I know there will be some grease and no grease is impossible). The crust was so soggy and floppy you couldn't even pick up a slice without all the toppings sliding right off and crust ripping apart. It may have been under-cooked or it soaked so much grease it got soggy. After trying one slice I lost my appetite.

Rating: 5

ChootemLiz Henry T's Bar & Grill

Love half price burger night and gusto special! The burgers are always cooked perfectly and so good! We recently tried the jalapeno rav's and wasn't sure if I'd like them or not and they were good. I would get them again.

Rating: 2

ChootemLiz Billy Vanilly

Cake was dry, should be moist and soft but it was actually kind of hard. Frosting was tasty but the cake is most important in my opinion.

Rating: 5

ChootemLiz Culver's Restaurant

Every time I go to Culvers they are very prompt and friendly. The food is good too. Their custard is the best in Lawrence and you get more for you money compaired to the other custard place.

Rating: 1

ChootemLiz Saints Pub + Patio

Took a long time to get our food. Typical bar food, nothing special. This place is more of a bar/club hang out rather than a restaurant.

Rating: 2

ChootemLiz Dunkin' Donuts

Called three times during a weeknight at 8pm to ask a question and no one answered the phone. You can't tell me this is a busy time of day. I understand taking care of customers in the store but how hard is it to answer and say please hold. The phone call saved us a trip across town.

The one and only time I've been here the line for the drive thru was out on to 23rd St. I went in and there seemed to be confusion and lack of leadership. I stood at the counter for a minute or two before anyone acknowledged me. The donut's were not worth the hassle of getting in and out of the store and there was a lack of friendly service. Munchers is my donut shop of choice...good thing I'm not a coffee drinker.

Rating: 5

ChootemLiz El Mezcal

El Mez is muy bueno! Best margaritas! The best mexican restaurant in Lawrence!

Rating: 5

ChootemLiz Set 'em Up Jacks

Love Jacks for game days. I was pleasently surprised by their chicken tenders, they were really, really good!

Rating: 5

ChootemLiz First Watch Restaurant

Oh First Watch...such a lovely way to start the day! The remodel is fabulous and so is the food and service!

Rating: 5

ChootemLiz Paisano's Ristorante

I can't believe Paisano's doesn't have any reviews listed and they're a legend in Lawrence! The best italian restaurant in town. The calamari is the best I've ever had! I love so many of their dishes if I had to list them it would be the whole menu.

Rating: 5

ChootemLiz 23rd Street Brewery

Went tonight for a fish bowl and dinner. Waitress was very friendly and attentive. Food was great! I love the pub chips (which were excellent tonight) and mac and cheese, it was piping hot. The beer was yummy too.

Rating: 5

ChootemLiz Stitch On Needlework & Gifts

I love shopping at Stitch On! They have really cute things and I always get my Vera Bradley there. The staff is always nice.

Rating: 5

ChootemLiz Cold Stone Creamery

Love their ice cream, it is so rich and creamy. Their cakes are the best. They look great and taste great. We've also had their ice cream cookies which are yummy too!