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Chicago1234 Wow!

I have been trying to get Knology to respond to a problem for a year. Their system does not recognize my phone number. This means I have to try 3 times and listen to a recording say it does not recognize my number, then I can request sales and have them transfer, wait on and listening to their recording about great service. If I could find an alternative I would switch today.

Chicago1234 replies...

and I tried their live chat. Doesn't work either. are they kidding!

Chicago1234 replies...

Wow finally a responsive person at Knology, named Tyler. He is sending a technician. I pay for 18MB and online test showing less than 1MB download speed! Tyler confirmed this is true, his test showed 3MB. this has gone on for months, bad service, and trying to blame the issue on my router and the site I'm downloading from, and the weather and and and excuses, etc, etc.