Rating: 1

CSB12 Affordable Limousine Service

So I rented through this limo company because it was local and a family friend had used him before. He was suppose to give us a good deal on the hummer limo for my best friend's bachelorette party! All was well until we had a MAJOR tire blow-out on the highway just leaving Lawrence! We nearly died and were stuck on the side of the road for over an hour! They sent a Charger limo to fit 13 of us ladies!!! We were completely smashed, had one girl sitting on the floor, sweating because the air circulation was not good being over capacity and honestly could not wait to get out of the limo! We tried to make the best out of it so our friend wouldn't be upset. We missed our dinner reservations, and happen to have the limo an extra 20-30 minutes because we were delayed from the tire blow-out and the owner wanted to charge us for that time! Well if we wouldn't have sat on the side of the road for over an hour then we wouldn't have used that time! Everyone, even the family friend who has used this company times before, said I should call him and try to get a discount. So I did. He gave me $10 off. ONLY $10 off for nearly dying, sitting on the side of the road, missing dinner reservations, and being smashed all night and barely able to move inside!!! NO WAY!!! And then when I looked at my credit card online, he still OVER-CHARGED ME! Giving me only like $4 off! I'm sorry but I did not pay to have a crammed limo and I believe I deserve some kind of reimbursement for the HUGE inconvenience and being over the limit for the limo they shoved us in! I had a HORRIBLE experience and will NEVER USE HIM AGAIN! He tries to sweet talk you and make you a great deal and then will over-charge you! And then when you call to complain he won't accept responsibility and tries to make you feel like the bad guy! DON'T USE!