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Twins Custom Cabinets

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rippedoff Twins Custom Cabinets

RUN AWAY!!!! This company doubled charged my credit card for $1560.00 and never provided services. They made two appointments with me to "remeasure cabinets" and never showed up after I waited hours for them. They said that they would return my money after I complained to them and to Angie's list but no refund ever showed up. This farce has been going on for months.

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Reply from Twins Custom Wood.
This customer requested a bid for to add to cabinets to existing kitchen cabinets & doors to an open arched bookcase & island. A bid was given. Price was more than customer could afford at one time. She asked pricing breakdown for various items. Revised pricing was given. 2 weeks went by. Customer decided on doors only for the bookcase & island (not designed for doors). Down pymt done by credit card on 4-1-11. Materials were ordered. Adl measurements needed to be made at customers house. Phone call was made to customer's at her office. Message was left with the receptionist. Customer did not call back for a week & a half. Called customer's back & left message with receptionist again. Another week & a half went by. After 3 weeks contact was finally made with customer. She advised she was getting divorced & thinking about selling the house. Not sure what she wanted to do. We offered to return her money at that time. She said no, go ahead & make the doors. Appointment was set for Friday, 6-10-11 (her day off). We were on an install job at another customer's home that morning & got delayed. This customer called my cell phone. I advised her we couldn't just walk away from the job in progress & might be able to get to her house late afternoon. Customer had called from a neighbors, neither her home or cell phone were working. She did not leave the neighbors phone number & we had no way to contact her & reschedule. This customer called our office on Sat.morning (not open on Sats.) She also called my cell phone & I was not in an area to receive service. She claims I blocked her calls which is untrue. This customer made calls to the office number 2 weekends in a row, not durring the week when we are open & left rather unsettling & somewhat threateing messages. She filed a complaint with Angie's List, which gave us a set date to respond by., which we did. The phone calls from the customer were made after she filed the complaint & prior to the "respond by date" from Angie's List. A cashiers check was sent certified mail to the customer's home address & 3 or 4 attempts were made. Customer did not go to the post office to pick up the check. The check was returned to us after 30 days by the post office. Angie's List called & told us the customer was not accepting mail at her home address & asked us to send it to her business address. This was unacceptable , as anyone could sign for it & she could still claim she didn't get her money back. We advised the person at Angie's List that the customer could come & pick up the check. NO RESPONSE.!!!!! We have absorbed the cost of the materials purchased for this customer & the expense of certiifed mailing & now a courier service in orderto get proof of identification & signature of this customer to deliver refund check to her at her business office.