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Rating: 5

wheesnah23 ACME hot & fresh t-shirts

GREAT place to have fun, and design your own shirt!! great people and they are helpful!

Rating: 4

Graczyk Basil Leaf Cafe

I ate at the Basil Leaf for the first time this evening. I called in my order for pick-up and the person who answered the phone was both helpful and pleasant. I ordered two entrees and a side of bread sticks. I thought the bread sticks were tasty, but perhaps somewhat under cooked - just by a bit. My wife didn't think the marinara sauce was that special, but I thought it was excellent and I am the one writing the review, so...

I had the Penne Abruzzi. This is a fantastic dish. I didn't really like the sun-dried tomatoes in the sauce, however. They were an almost startling contrast to the other flavors of the dish - almost briny. Criticism aside, I would still order this dish again. My wife had the Five Layer Lasagna. That is an all around fabulous dish - other than having perhaps a little too much noticeable salt.

One note about the great container controversy that you may have read about from a previous review. Basil Leaf Cafe uses typical to-go containers and serves very large portions. They have posted a sign that warns customers to be careful when transporting food. I heeded the sign but still ended up with a little sauce on the outside of box, but it was contained in the bag. No big deal. Maybe they could cut back their portion sizes so that the sauce has less chance of escaping? (Just kidding.) The place is a great value and the two meals my wife and I enjoyed were fantastic. I highly recommend it.

walterbradley replies...

Thank you kindly for your friendly and honest review and for coming in and dining and giving the gas station guys a chance. Hopefully we will see you again soon and may have earned another customer, look for some new menu changes in the coming weeks as we are always changing things up a bit and will have more seasonal items on the way soon. And by the way I agree on the sun dried tomatoes I am not a fan of them per say but many people are and I just pick around them anyway lol. Your review and comments were taken to heart and appreciated thanks again and please come again soon. Have a wonderful day..
Sincerely Brad Walters..."Walt"

Rating: 5

Dave Greenbaum On The Rocks

Looking for a great selection of beer and wine on the East side of town? Look no further than On The Rocks. As a beer lover, On the Rocks is a welcome addition to this part of town. A large variety of beers by the pack and individual chilled bottles make it a great destination . If it’s distributed in Kansas, they probably have it, and have it by the bottle so you can try one before buying a six pack.

The wine and liquor selection is great. Helpful and knowledge staff make this a winning place.

Rating: 5

Eric Gruber American Family Insurance - Garvin Daniel

I've had nothing but good experiences with Garvin and his staff. They were patient, courteous, and of all the companies we were looking at a year ago when we bought our home, American Family had everyone beat on prices, too.

(Note: The picture above is outdated. The offices are now on West 6th Street just west of Hy-Vee.)

Jessica Schilling replies...

Thanks for the note about the photo. It's been updated.

Rating: 5

R M Henry T's Bar & Grill

Great food, great atmosphere, a great place to watch a game! A Lawrence landmark!

Rating: 5

jonathan46 Shawnee Optix

I had great service,It was much better then the chains and was not pushy like the hi end places I could not believe the selection over a thounsand quality eyeglasses in store,I found what i was looking for and feel good about purchase both in quality, service and of course price, highly recomended.

Rating: 1

wowiekt08 (in.gre.di.ent)

I had the absolute worst dining experience at this restaurant and I will never return.

We had no problem placing our order, but as soon as we found a seat after having to search for one because they had not cleared/cleaned empty tables we realized that there were well over 15 parties who had not received their food. Within 2 minutes of sitting down, a server attempted to bring my fiance a plate of fish tacos, which he had not ordered. When he told her that was not what he ordered she very rudely told him that his number was 36 and that was what he had ordered. He told her his order and she returned with the correct entree with the incorrect side. It was apparent he had been given someone's order who had ordered long before we had. About 15 minutes passed before he was able to get someone's attention and tell them that he was given the incorrect side. The same server then produced a bowl of fries and my entree, but the third person in our party had still not received her food. The server then told us that they were very backed up and that it would be a while before she would get her food. My food was served to me cold to the touch. My fiance's burger was also cold and was cooked beyond black. The fries he was given were also cold. There were no napkins to be found in the entire restaurant. Over 40 minutes elapsed between the time we ordered and the final person in our party was given her food, which was served to her cold as well, and initially they attempted to give her the incorrect order.

There were people who had sat down before us who had still not received their food when we left.

I will never return to this restaurant. I will tell other people to never come to this restaurant. I can see beyond mediocre food, but the service we received here was inexcusable and I wouldn't be able to tell you how the food was because we each only had a couple bites until we realized it was beyond cold. There was no salvaging this meal/dining experience. It was horrendous to say the best. I wish I could give this restaurant no stars, but that doesn't appear to be an option.

I am most upset with the way we were talked to and belittled by the serving staff. We will be contacting management regarding their service.

Rating: 5

kuspiderman Jayhawk Concrete Finishing

Chris and his trusty sidekick James poured a basketball court and did a stamped concrete patio for us this spring. They were done on time, on budget and really communicated with us throughout the process. We are thrilled with the work they did and will recommend them to everyone who asks us about our beautiful patio & court. Price was fair and they clearly took pride in their work. Happy to write a review for these good guys.

Rating: 5

dk3197 Oriental Bistro & Grill

Best Asian food in Lawrence! Friendly staff and the food is unbelievable!!! We will not be eating anywhere else from now on.

Rating: 5

Ana Greater Douglas County PC Repair

Conscientious and accessible local service provider. The go-to guys for speedy and modestly priced computer repair. Thumbs Up! -Ana M.

Rating: 5

AlexSmith Go4hosting - Dedicated Server Hosting Company

Excellent site and great and satisfying service. Really happy with the service.

Rating: 5

A Smith Googols of Learning Child Development Center

We can't say enough good things about Googols. Caring, competent staff, convenient location, great meals, parents' night out, after-school care, field trips, and on and on. It's expensive (though tuition is comparable to similar centers in town) but you get what you pay for, and as long as we can afford it, our children's education and care is not where we cut corners.

Rating: 5

cupnoodle Danielsan Electric

Dan and his crew did a great job. He came to my house even if they had multiple appointments in Friday afternoon and finished a couple of pending projects that I could not complete for a long time. They are efficient (quick and on time) and professional (nice clean finish). If you do not know any electrician this town, I can easily recommend Dan.

Rating: 2

R M Dynamite Saloon

After having Oklahoma Joe's in KC, the BBQ at Dynamite was pretty lack-luster. The atmosphere and bar were great. It's a really cool looking saloon. I wouldn't go for the BBQ though.

Rating: 2

R M Buffalo Bob's BBQ Smokehouse

After eating at Oklahoma Joe's in KC, the BBQ at Buffalo Bob's is pretty unimpressive.

Rating: 5

hdrider Jonathan C Becker, Attorney

I don't know why this person had a bad experience with him. The phrase "insinutated that I don't have enough money to pay his fees" probably means "I don't want to pay for legal services." I have been a client of his for years, and have never had anything but excellent service and great results. Unlike a lot of lawyers, he doesn't blow smoke up your rear end. Apparently, this person didn't get the answer he/she wanted, and blamed the messenger. Mr. Becker has sometimes had to tell me that the chances of getting what I wanted weren't good, and I would be wasting my money if I pursued it. I appreciate that kind of honesty, as opposed to somebody who will tell me what I want to hear long enough for me to write them a check, and then develop amnesia. BTW I only gave him 5 stars, but that's because the system wouldn't let me give him any more.

Rating: 1

acg Jonathan C Becker, Attorney

This guy is a real piece of work. I called him to make an appointment and before I could even set a time to meet with him, he insinuated that I don't have enough money to pay his fees. He was rude, snippy and basically acted like he didn't want my business at all. As far as I'm concerned he won't get my business and he shouldn't get any of yours, either. BTW I only gave him 1 star, but that's because the system wouldn't let me give him zero stars.

Rating: 5

mickey1454 Cricket Wireless

Nice folks, quick service, great value. Glad to have them in town.

Rating: 5

NATION Allied Auto Body Carstar

I would recommend Allied Carstar to any friend or family member. They were friendly, kept me informed during the repair. My car was fixed right and with a lifetime warranty on the work they did. Great job Carstar!