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vintageblue Elvira Angeletti Interiors

I found my experience with Elvira and staff to be an unpleasant one. They were all extremely rude. I am guessing she doesn't care about her business reputation.

Rating: 5

Silly_me None

I have been a patient of Dr. Huerter's for almost 10 years and she has been a fantastic

primary care physician. I have had several longtime, serious health issues in the past 5 years and Dr. Huerter has been wonderful in working with me to diagnose the problem an advocate for me an acceptable course of treatment. These issues will be with me for the rest of my life but with the help of Dr. Huerter I feel very confident that I have a handle on how to deal with any symptoms and how to follow a course of treatment that allows me to live a normal active life. I would highly recommend Dr. Huerter.

Rating: 5

ecm5119 Auto Plaza Car Wash

I went here for the first time last week and must say it was the best $11.99 (plus tax) I have spent on a car wash. The auto washes at the gas stations are upwards of $7 and $8. For a little over $12 they vacuum, wash the exterior, wipe down the interior, clean your windows in and out, clean the door jambs, hand dry, and give you an air freshener of your choice. Can't beat that and it took them a fraction of the time it would've taken me. I will be back for sure.

Rating: 5

ecm5119 Biemer's BBQ

I recently discovered the goodness that is Biemer's BBQ. Excellent food and good service. It can get a little expensive, but i usually try to go with the special combo on the board. I've never been disappointed. My favorite is the pulled pork sandwich and their regular sauce.

Rating: 5

ecm5119 Munchers Bakery

What is not to love about this place - except for that they only take cash and check? The best donut shop in town! They also make delicious cakes.

Rating: 5

ecm5119 GTM Sportswear

I was very pleased with GTM when ordering some T-shirts for our small business. The selection of items is great, they use quality materials, the prices are competitive, and their turn around time was faster than expected. I was told it would take close to 3 weeks to have the finished product in hand, but in reality it took half of that time. I also like that they save your information so that you can quickly order and pay online at a later date without having to re-approve the artwork.

Rating: 5

pace Bourgeois Pig

The Bourgeois pig has very good coffees and good service. I haven't tried any of the alcoholic drinks. I think it a coffee shop that serves booze. Very nice mixed crowd, a lot of artists, writers, young people, old people and an easy atmosphere. I like the mix.

Rating: 5

cdreed None

My family loves going to Pegah's. It is good food, good portions and the variation in selection that we like. A favorite of mine is the tuna melt with onion curls or the frisco burger.

Rating: 5

cdreed Pizza West

Pizza West has the best buffet. The kids love having the train table and chalk board. Their salad bar is much better than most buffets. It is a great place to go after soccer or softball games.

Rating: 5

Scott_S Mariscos

The Sunday Brunch menu for a special occasion (Mother's Day) was fantastic. Prime Rib with omlette, hash browns, and asparagus; a fruit starter and a kiwi tart for dessert. Every meal is a pleasant surprise. The right atmosphere for a satisfying breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Rating: 5

Scott_S Johnny's Tavern West

Great sports bar with a wide variety on the menu, including the best pizza in Lawrence. The vegetarian options for pizza are good. The staff is always friendly.

Rating: 5

Scott_S None

Great take-away meal for a great price. The chicken curry and jasmine rice was the best. Samosas, mango juice, chai tea, vegetarian options. You'll have the best take-home meal you've had in years. Support a local business that makes a superior product. With the park nearby, Curry in a Hurry is the perfect lunch spot.

Rating: 5

atung Handcrafted: A Photography & Design Studio

Whitney was absolutely amazing to work with! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for great, natural-looking and beautiful pictures! For a college student, the price of a photo shoot is generally really expensive but with the price with Whitney Leigh Photography was extremely reasonable. I got to have an individual photo shoot with unlimited amount of outfit changes and a retouched CD with the images for $150. Whitney knew exactly the type of shoot I wanted to take and made sure that all of my expectations were met, and then some. The day of my shoot was extremely cold and gloomy but Whitney made me feel really comfortable in front of the camera, which made the process a whole lot more enjoyable under the weather conditions. She kept the energy up and knew what angles were the best for the shoot. I haven't gotten my pictures back yet but from some of the demos she showed me, they look GREAT! Thank you so much Whitney! It was such a pleasure getting the opportunity to shoot with you!!

Rating: 2

somedude20 Burger Stand at The Casbah

I gave this place three tries wanting to sample the greatness that I have heard about and have been thoroughly disappointed each and everytime!! The burgers are a little dry and sometimes like rubber with little flavor. They have these little fries that are kind of like Steak and Shake's (not a fan of Steak and Shake either) but only worse,like a limp old greasy midget finger. The sauces seemed watered down and it way way over priced. I believe one time I had a Tank7, burger and limp fries and it was over $16.00 (that was the first time but I tried it twice more) and the service, huh, don't get me started on the service or lack there of. I am thankful that Dempsey's can fill my burger void as this place is on par with Burger King but ten times the hiss! Best of luck though!

Rating: 5

somedude20 Dempsey's Burger Pub

Best burgers in Lawrence!!!!! The burger is always juicy and cooked to perfection. The truffle fries as well as the (salty) sweet potato are amazing and the sauces, GREAT! I always forget the name of the pink spicy sauce but that is my fav. The staff is always so nice and helpful because Morgan sets the bar so high. I was meeting a special lady friend who only chomps on veggies there one night and asked an employee what would be good. They had a special of collard greens with raisins and nuts with a great sauce and he recommended it. Well, he was the head chef and was kind enough to bring out a plate of them (free of charge, thanks again) for her to try and it was very good. They have killer beer specials (all pints $3 on Wed/Sat) and the selection is great (a $3 Tank7). I have watched many-a-games there and the atmosphere there is always energetic! Thank you and keep up the great work!!!!

Rating: 5

somedude20 None

Hands down the BEST curry in Lawrence!!!! Sammi's Curry in a Hurry has just the right amount of spice and is not loaded down with cream like other places that cause the food to just sit in your stomach. They have a larger selection of naan now since the move from the old location and it is awesome (one is like a thicker bread than other places and loaded with flavor and spice and is almost like a naan biscuit). They have a potato and pea curry that will knock your socks off and his chicken curry is tops! The chicken is not chewy (some places do not clean or cut their chicken right) but that has never happened to me with Sammi (and I have been eating his food for well over a year) and it almost melts in your mouth. The rice pilaf is so flavorful that you can eat it by itself due to it having some killer spices. The prices are very fair (and the fact that the food is amazing makes it a great value) and is very easy to park around his store but even better is that Sammi is one of the nicest people you will ever meet (no bs) plus it is a local business. Sammi also sells cigarettes, soda (pop), chips and some spices from India. You do not have to believe me but I challenge you to try his food once because that is all it takes to become hooked on it. I would also like to say that Sammi's wife makes all of the food and she is a curry master, thank you for your food!

Rating: 5

wbartlow Handcrafted: A Photography & Design Studio

Shared from: "Whitney Leigh Photography's" Facebook Business Page:

Whitney, is the best ever - So much was happening as me and my husband Travis were planning our big day, it was like we got all the little things done but when it came to cake and pictures we just keep waiting and waiting, a few weeks before the wedding Travis’s mother hears about Whitney and she is free the day of our wedding. The excitement we felt to here that, then God through us a bonus -she is a christian, so we knew she was sent to us. She knew my vision and gave me insight being I was going to be 6m pregnant on my wedding day in the dead of summer. She was and is amazing she meet all our request and made my day very easy. I would and did tell the world about her. We got our pictures back promptly after our honey moon. The pictures were amazing. All my friends and co-workers are jealous. All I can say is she is very good at what she does. Not to mention she is reasonably priced as well.

.-Junaita Miles

Rating: 4

acottrell Hite Collision Repair Center Inc

I work for an insurance company in town and since we refer business to Hite, it was an easy choice to go here for my Hail Damage. It does take a little effort on your part to follow up with the employees on appointments and checking the status of your vehicle but the finished product is completly worth it! Didn't even recognize my own car. Hite did an AMAZING job on everything and will for sure refer business to future clients.

hitecollision replies...

Thanks for your review. We will try to better communicate with our customers to let them know when their vehicle will be ready and give them repair updates. We appreciate your feedback.

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ylime3499 None

I am so glad to read you review auntie! I thought I was the only one! His office was close to my house when I moved here years ago and needed to see someone about a swollen ankle that I'd had for a few weeks. He told me I had gout...nothing was working that he prescribed and the more research I did on this illness I realized I needed a second opinion--sprained ankle. It took me a long time to go back, but I needed to for a soar throat with a fever. He did a strep test that came back negative, and proscribed a drug that after consulting two other doctors and the ER I would NEVER take! Prednisone. The side affects were horrible, and wouldn't help in the long run. After things hadn't changed a week or so later I went to get my second opinion only to be told I had mono AND strep., bleeding ear infections, and a common cold. They immediately put me on an antibiotic similar to amoxicillin, and a very strong dose of pain meds for the next four days. I hate that I still have to pay him for his lack of help!! It’s been two months since this fiasco and I still have issues, because it took so long to get the medicine I needed. The damage has been done! Horrible service as well! When I scheduled my appointment with him this last time I was told 6pm. I showed up at 5:30 to fill out forms for new insurance, and was done with them by 5:40. I waited in pain with screaming kids until 6:30, sat down in the back room until 6:35, he came in and was gone by 6:37. At 6:45 I was taken back to be given a strep test and by 7:36 he came back to tell me it was negative, and the prescription.