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Rating: 5

mhart12 19th Street Tow & Recovery

Great service! Car wouldn't start so my insurance called them for towing services and they arrived 20 min. earlier than planned, so that was good. Very nice, very professional employees and service!

Rating: 2

LarryNative Fuzzy's Taco Shop

I was hoping the name of the business began with a guy named Fuzzy. I was wrong. My fears were realized when I entered the business and saw " We put the T&A in taco" and "eat me" on the walls. I find the sexual innuendos disgusting and unappetizing and I'm the furthest thing from a prude. The decor is cheap and the paint job is bad. Those things don't bother me though, the guys gotta make a buck and spending big money to open a taco joint is a recipe for disaster. Now for the food. I did not get the fish taco. The tackiness of the business and fish in Kansas..........not gonna do it. Anyway, the secret sauce here I believe is ranch dressing. We had pork, beef and chicken burritos and tacos. We got them mixed up and could not distinguish which was which, they all tasted like ranch dressing and looked the same. The tacos were good, $1.99 but not very big. I would need 4 to make a meal. Salsa is extra which I hate at Mexican restaurants. The sauce on the table is watery vinegar, not good. The burritos were a mess and not good. I hear the fish tacos are good. Since the tacos I had were the only positive experience, Ill go back and try those despite the disgusting name.

Rating: 4

Teri Chambers Queen Lizzy's Fish & Chips

Was there in the first week so they were still working out a few problems with service. I expect that to change once things get settled and that is why I gave 4 stars. My party had the fish and chips which was very delicious. Someone also had the sausage roll. We all left very full and pleased with the food. I will be going back again.

Rating: 5

smarsha Salvation Army Thrift Store

After living in California for many years and new to Lawrence and the weather I am hearing about, I was on the hunt for a warm coat. I hate to pay retail! Quality is number one with me and a Designer label is certainly a plus. The challenge was finding a 1X!

I had been everywhere! Lasting Impressions certainly lives up to it's name and they did have a great selection (a brand new Coach bag at a price I could not pass up) but no coat in my size. So desperate, I was tempted to buy a long leather one for a man, but the shoulders made me look like a football player.

So discouraged...where is the coat someone left just for me? At the point of risking a blind purchase online or just layer what I have and face the brutal cold...I was fed up and giving up...tired of chasing the streets.

Just one more trip to Salvation Army before surrender and throwing in the towel. Omg Omg! What a mecca on Friday...still in shock over the thrill. I literally had to get a shopping cart to carrry eight that I could get on! I headed to the mirror, almost embarrassed to view the treasures and make the choice. How is it possible there were so many? It was like winning the I in Vegas?

I bought four!!!! Three have never been worn! A mauve suede one even had new matching gloves in the pockets! The long cobalt wool to die for even matched the boots I wore. The aqua, subtle irridescent jacket with cinching ties so flattering I could not say no. Lastly the chocolate ankle length Leather was icing on which cake???

After my fashion show for mom at home, I figured it out...had some Lawrencian with a giving spirit for the Holidays thought of me and others? That alone is a gracious blessing...what could be more caring? You ready?

Well known Designers have dumped their overstock at Salvation Army!!!

My total? more sitting down? Friday ALL clothing at Salvation Army was HALF PRICE!

Out the door...$$$$$ 32 Dollars and change! Snow??? hmmmmm Cold??? hhhhmmmm Bring in On!!!

Rating: 5

kylepurdon Hibachi Grill

Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet is GREAT!

Where else in Lawrence can you get Mongolian Style grill, a full Chinese Buffet, Partial american buffet, Sushi, and desert for one price!

Lunch is around $7 and dinner is at $10 but it's well worth the price.

For such a wide variety of food everything was of very good quality and the entire buffet was full, fresh, and hot. The full buffet, a Mongolian style (select your meat, noodles, veggies) grill, and sushi is all included in the cost.

The decor is simple but clean and well put together. (Ow and the LED lighting around the buffet are is pretty cool too)

With other well known Chinese buffets disappearing in Lawrence (...Peeking) this place should become a staple. CHECK THIS PLACE OUT!!!!

Rating: 1

Jason Harrington Queen Lizzy's Fish & Chips

Doner kebab gets 0 out of 5! 11.98 with tax and 1/3 the size of European Doner Kebabs! The meat tastes like meatloaf and I've had Gyros that taste much closer to a true Doner Kebab! I'm so disappointed! The kebab meat is supposed to be thinly sliced and taste like gyro meat, this is thick and taste just like hamburger meat! :( I might go back and try the fish and chips someday, but my chips were cold and soggy!


Rating: 5

hawkchalk891 Amyx Barber Shop

Amyx barbershop is a throw back to the 1950s, when men were men and women weren't.

Great hair cuts at a reasonable price. The staff is friendly and the place is what a barber shop is meant to be.

Rating: 1

Gmama Eck Real Estate Service, Inc.

I called to set up an appt today to set up an appoint with Ernie Eck. Mr Eck is the rudest, most unprofessional person I have ever spoke to in my life. He told me I could not call again and he was hanging up, and he did. He would not listen to me at all, and kept interupting me. This was a matter concerning my daughter who rents through them and she has had problems with him also, that is why I thought calling to make an appointment would be a good idea, but he wont be civil. Please be careful if you rent through him. Not a nice person. I am giving them one star, only because this site makes me, otherwise it would be minus 5 stars

Rating: 5

Lky Keys of Joy!

Fabulous method! It's fun and it makes sense! Our group is multigenerational with a variety of skill and experience. We have a great time and we are all learning SOOO much. The teacher is talented, kind and patient. I highly recommend the method and this studio!!!

Rating: 5

hershey4690 Saints Pub + Patio

LOVE this place. More than affordable, great specials, great service, and great food.

Rating: 4

hershey4690 23rd Street Brewery

I love this place. The food always impresses me, and I like their drinks as well. They are pretty expensive, so as a college student, I only go there when my parents come to visit and are paying the tab. The service is usually pretty slow, but it's a laid back atmosphere so it doesn't really bother me.

MattLlewellyn replies...

Thanks hershy4690 for the review and we truly appreciate your loyalty. We do not ever want to be slow. I do know that on busy weekends we struggle to get food out to the tables in a timely manner. Please know that we are working very hard to fix this problem. In the meantime we certainly appreciate your patronage! Thanks again, Matt Llewellyn

foodfan replies...

I understand, I've worked at restaurants before. I continue to go there frequently, so it's not necessarily a bad thing! I always know when I go there I can relax and not be rushed. I actually had my 21st birthday dinner there too back in April and everyone loved it! Keep it up!

Rating: 5

hershey4690 Casa Agave Authentic Mexican Restaurant and Cantina

I absolutely love this restaurant. Great prices and even better food. My mom and I go there all the time and always receive superb service. We always leave stuffed and happy. Definitely the best Mexican restaurant in town.

Rating: 2

hershey4690 Statements Hair Salon

I had been needing a good haircut for a long time and usually just go to a beauty school or great clips because I'm not very picky. But I wanted to try something totally new and decided to go to a more professional salon where the stylists would have more experience. I got the WORST hair cut of my life here. It was over priced, and looked horrible. I made it clear I did not want much length taken off, but she took off about four. I think I'll stick to my $5 good hair cuts at Z's. :)

Rating: 5

hershey4690 Remington Square Apartments

I have lived here for about a year and a half, and I could not be happier with it. Great management, wonderful maintenance response times, and very affordable. HIghly recommend!

Rating: 5

R M Quinton's Bar & Deli

Best sandwich place in town! Try the half sandwich / soup combo. The soup comes in a bread bowl. You also get a side of chips. Get the T.A.C. with bacon & salsa, a bowl of potato bacon soup and spicy chips!

Rating: 5

Jeremy Martin Esquina Restaurant

I've always had great food here. Tacos are inventive and delicious (just use a lot of napkins). Some of the best salsa around. Ask for the chipotle salsa.

Rating: 5

Jeremy Martin Creations & Alterations

Friendly, professional, prompt, and fairly priced.

Rating: 5

kendralee22 Ted's Appliance Repair

Cheap, easy, and a busy man! He explained everything he did, even told me ways to prevent problems again... My first problem was a loud dryer, then i sprung my dishwasher and its not so powerful jets on him, n he helped right away! will call again for sure!

Rating: 1

jshaddy Countryside Small Engine Service

Crooked dealings... Took my weed eater here to be fixed, it had locked up, couldn't pull the cord to get it started. This place claimed we had not used gas/oil blend and said we needed a new engine and it would take a couple months to get one in. We knew we used the proper fuel mixture and therefore did not trust him, we said we did not want him to fix it. He said he would have to charge us $25 to put it all back together (again, seemed sketchy). We paid it, reclaimed the weed eater and took it somewhere else. The other person we took it to said it had clearly NOT been taken apart or checked out and that the problem was a blockage in the carburetor causing the engine to run lean, over heat, and lock up. They got it up and running again without any new parts needed.