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Rating: 5

Mike Willoughby Wilco Guttering & Water Control

Phil is great, very affordable and quality work. When you call the phone number you get Phil and Phil will give you an estimate and most of the time he will do the install. We have used Wilco for both our home and our business and have had great experiences.

I would highly recommend Wilco.

Rating: 5

SScout SconeLady's Coffee Shop

I love this place! The workers are always nice and accommodating and make a good cup of joe! I love studying here because there are never noisey teenagers or too many distractions. Usually it's occupied by sweet older women. Its decor is adorable and it has a very comfortable couch! I just love it!

Rating: 5

Alice Brewer for tu ity

I have been in this store several times and find something I have to have, every time. Carolyn and Vicki are very helpful and everything is so affordable!!!

Rating: 5

Dave Greenbaum Floyds Drain Cleaning

We’ve used Floyd’s Drain Cleaning in our home for over a decade now. Having an older home we always have some kind of problem with drainage. It doesn’t help that I shove way too much down the garbage disposal all the time. The price is very reasonable and much less than a plumber, and they respond extremely quickly day or night. Highly recommended.

Rating: 5

Mike Willoughby OrthoKansas, LLC

I saw Dr. Cupp for a Hamstring injury about a month ago. I just want to say that I had a surprisingly nice experience at this clinic. The front desk staff actually greeted me with a smile and after the usual volumes of personal history were filled out it was only a few minutes before I was called back to see the Doctor. The nurse took an efficient and thorough history and left. The remarkable part comes next. Dr. Cupp actually arrived within 10 or so minutes and (get this) actually spent about 25 or so minutes with me in the exam room. (This is generally unheard of. In my experience I have never been given more than 7-10 minutes of time from a very rushed physician.)

Dr. Cupp listened, discussed, then ordered an XRAY. (Which was conducted down the hall.) And, after the XRAY was finished he met me again for another 15 or so minutes to go over a treatment plan.

The day of my visit the waiting room was packed, and it was mid-morning so I can't contribute my experience to arriving at a slow time of day (like first thing in the morning or after lunch.)

The only not so great part of this experience was that to make an appointment I had to wait on hold for a while and then the woman actually said she would have to call me back when she was not so busy. I am glad that I overlooked this hurdle though.

I would highly recommend Dr. Cupp if you need to see an Orthopaedic physician.

Rating: 5

Mike Willoughby Static Hair Salon

Static is Awesome! I've been getting my hair cut by Kevin for 5 years now and I honestly think he does the best man's cuts in town. I have other guys ask me all the time who cuts my hair. The salon is convenient, clean and cozy. Zeke at the front desk is a pleasure to speak to and can usually work magic with the schedule. The stylists are very busy so call ahead.

Static has a laid back vibe but they still take their business serious enough to make sure the clients are cared for professionally.

I would highly recommend Static! For guys especially, ask for Kevin.

Rating: 5

Mike Willoughby K.S.R. Roofing

KSR roofing did a great job on our roof last month! The bid was very competitive and they were able to schedule the work quickly and were done in two days. The crew was polite, efficient and tidy. They took care not to mess up any of our landscaping or planting beds and they kept the jobsite very clean. Mike himself came back to install the solar fan vents that I wanted. Overall our experience was great and pleasant! Would highly recommend!

Rating: 2

gccrod The Pick Smoke 'n Grill

I can't agree with the other reviews. I went there today for the first time. I had the "special" of sausage and burnt ends. Both meats were very dry. I only finished about half of the meal. When I asked for a check, I asked the waitress if their meats were normally dry. She said "no". I told her that both of these were very dry. I thought maybe that would bring a manager to the table, but no, just the check to sign. I will not return. In general, the prices on the menu seemed high. The acoustics are very noisy as it has high warehouse like ceilings.

Rating: 5

cal3door Uni Computers

I had a problem with my laptop computer so I took it in to Uni computer and have it checked out. I dropped it off in the morning and I recieved a call before noon. It had a hard drive going out. They were able to replace the hard drive and have my computer up and running so that I could pick it up by close the some day. There was no extra change for the fast service. I would recommend Uni for all my computer needs.

Rating: 5

lancekeltner7 Harris Auto Repair

Most of the time I do my own car repair, but when my timing belt replacement came due, I just didn't have time. I called the dealership for pricing, and was a little shocked. Then, I called Harris Auto Repair and was pleasantly surprised by a much more reasonable price. They got my car in and out same day, and that can be a tall order for timing belt changes.

Communication was great, the service was great, a I will definitely be going back for future services. I don't allow most people to touch my cars, but Bryan and his staff have earned the right 100%.

Rating: 5

cal3door Harris Auto Repair

In responce to cwoo7i11 by Harris Auto. There 2007 Pontiac Torrent came to our shop with the ABS brake control Moduel applying brakes so hard that all the brakes were smoking when they drove it to our shop. This damaged the brake pads and over heated the rotors. May I say also that this repair was paid for by there Warranty Company, and the warranty company set the authorized price that was dealer list price on the part and Mitchel flat rate manuel for the labor. The other thing that I may say the ABS brake control moduel was special order from the dealer and we were at there mercy waiting for the parts, (it did take longer than the dealer told us it would take). This customer chose not to have any repairs done that they had to pay for out of there own pocket. They picked the car up and were told that other repairs were needed and the insurance company would not pay for the other repairs because it was not in there contract. Note: This car needed the other brake repairs that were not done, we recommended that they tow the car to there other licenced repair shop.

Rating: 1

nyks96 Action Plumbing

See additional review at . Great plumbers but poor customer service. We had no expectation of immediate service--good plumbers are busy and in demand! However, we WERE disatisfied with the suggestion of a Monday appointment to address a leak in a newly installed commode discovered on Friday--on a newly installed vinyl floor. And we needed an idea of when the plumber would come as we work and needed to come home for the service visit. The leak was not the problem--that happens--but the unwillingness to address it promptly and the rudeness we experienced was extraordinary. The problem was fixed on Friday only because we insisted on not waiting until Monday for the repair. We stand by our original post.

Rating: 1

peter_jackson Taste Lounge, Bar & Grill

So I went to this place tonight at midnight with 3 of my friends for a b'day party only 'cause the b'day grl was only 19 (so couldn't go to any 21+ clubs) - the music SUCKED! Rap music that you can't dance to even if you try to improvise. One of the bouncers was mean to my friend - he kind of shoved her/hit her arm when she accidentally took her drink to the restroom.

Rating: 1

megregor Ball Construction Inc.

Nice guy, good references, and good work BUT he didn't finish and disappeared with $450 worth of work paid for and yet to be done (windows). Didn't respond to emails or calls and has never returned to finish up. So our rating is a big fat ZERO, most unfortunately (although it shows up here as one star because I had to put a star rating in order to post). USER BEWARE!!! Megan Hughes Parsons, KS (owns rental house in Lawrence)

Rating: 5

lovemycars Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop

For the highest quality and most dependable auto body repair in the region, Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop is far and above the best choice. Steve and his staff go the extra mile to meet the needs of the customer from their initial contact through the completion of the repairs, and beyond. Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop stands behind their work and offers the best warranty of any shop that I have dealt with in Kansas. I especially appreciate the continuous communication between the shop and the customer as repairs progress.

Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop should be the first, and only place, that you take your vehicle for auto body repairs in northeast Kansas.

Rating: 2

ChootemLiz Dunkin' Donuts

Called three times during a weeknight at 8pm to ask a question and no one answered the phone. You can't tell me this is a busy time of day. I understand taking care of customers in the store but how hard is it to answer and say please hold. The phone call saved us a trip across town.

The one and only time I've been here the line for the drive thru was out on to 23rd St. I went in and there seemed to be confusion and lack of leadership. I stood at the counter for a minute or two before anyone acknowledged me. The donut's were not worth the hassle of getting in and out of the store and there was a lack of friendly service. Munchers is my donut shop of choice...good thing I'm not a coffee drinker.

Rating: 4

Dave Greenbaum La Parrilla

Since the move from counter service to table service, the quality of the food and experience has remained the same. I was initially worried that prices or selection would change, but for the most part they haven’t. They still have daily entree and soup specials that, for me, are always a highlight of our visit.

This is South American fare, not just Tex-Mex. Expect recipe and styles of cooking from all over the region. Standards such as enchiladas and tacos are available, but more exotic ingredients are included. This place is extremely vegetarian friendly and you can order rice and beans without animal products upon request and the tofu rice bowl is a protein packed and complete treat. If I’m feeling more sinful, I might get a portabella and Roasted Red Pepper chimichanga. Salsas are tasty, but the chips aren’t usually very fresh tasting; the guac is to die for!

The service is generally speedy and friendly, and above average for a college town. A great choice!

Rating: 5

BonniePlumberg The Pink Lady Home

Welcome to The Pink Lady Home! If you are familiar with the quality and variety we provide at The Pink Lady Consignment Clothing Shop, you'll like our newest addition just next door. Stop by and browse the outstanding variety of quality home decor items, including furniture, lamps, dishes, pictures and much more. You'll love the prices, too!

Rating: 5

Dave Greenbaum Advanced Plumbing Inc

A great reliable plumber with a personal touch. I like not dealing with a big company that’s trying to upsell a variety of products and service plans. Chuck Folks is personable and someone I completely trust in my home. We’ve used him for years and he’s done a consistently awesome job at a reasonable price.

Rating: 5

cmg Char House Barbeque and Fried Chicken

OMG!!!! The best hamburger I've every had. I really enjoy the Char house texas burger, the onion ring the sauce, it is fantastic. Also they have a Fried cheese ravioli with a roasted red pepper marinara sauce that is to die smokey and yummy. If you haven't tried this place out you need to. The owners are so sweet and friendly, on site most of the time and the atmosphere is so clean and comfortable. You really need to give this place a try.