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Rating: 5

Jane Tuttle Freestate Doors, Inc.

They came out the very same day I called when the spring broke on our garage door. Even showed up at the time they said they would. Reasonably priced and professional. I'd call them again and would recommend them to friends.

Rating: 5

roundaboutlady Jarrett Small Animal Clinic, PA

I love Dr. Jarrett and her staff!!! She is a very caring veterinarian.

Rating: 5

delenn ALL-N-1 Landscape

* Just completed my 2nd project with AllN1. This was the installation of a pond and water garden. As before, my experience with the company was stellar. The design and the finished product are beautiful. Mark and the crew were a pleasure to work with and very responsive. Will most definitely use them for my next landscaping project.

Rating: 5

aflorez Advanced Health Center, formerly Anthony Chiropractic

Friendly office atmosphere. Dr. Kissinger took the time to explain the mechanics of my spine. He corrected the issue I was having and the problem hasn't returned. If you are looking for a great chiropractor-I highly recommend Dr. Kissinger.

Rating: 1

cw007ill Harris Auto Repair

Do not take your vehicle to this place. I called to make an appointment was told to bring my vehicle in on Wednesday and they would call after they looked it over. Wednesday, I dropped the car off at 8am. By 4:30pm, I hadn't heard anything, I called the shop. They hadn't even looked at it, claimed they were really busy. I said, but I had an appointment, I was on the books. I picked up my car. Took it back to them Thursday morning. By Friday morning, we heard they would work on the repairs and it should be done by Tuesday, latest Wednesday. Tuesday came and went. Wednesday, I called they claimed the part came in late and they would have it done by Thursday mid morning. Thursday evening 5pm, I called, the vehicle still wasn't done. Friday after 5 I picked up my car. Took it to my regular licensed mechanic (Mass Street Auto.) he said after reviewing their receipt, it doesn't look like the repairs THEY MADE were DONE propoerly, it's still not fixed. I should also mention they wanted me to replace all brakes, rotors and pads on top of the ABS system. Mass Street said that wasn't necessary until the original problem was fixed. Clearly they have liars and poor spellers working there. Of course, it is a family business. Reading my receipt is like reading a kindergartener's attempt at spelling. They over charged me, based on my insurance/warranty plan; lied, and clearly didn't repair the vehicle. I'm a long time Lawrence resident and have never encountered such unscrupoluous business activity when dealing with auto mechanics. DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLE OR EVEN YOUR TRICYCLE TO THEM!! GO to MASS STREET AUTO MUCH BETTER HONEST SERVICE!

Rating: 5

agtmom The Nail Lounge

I was in town for a wedding, needed a mani/pedi, was referred to another place that was small and outdated, was referred to The Nail Lounge. I was very impressed with this great place. Tammy was my technician, she was very professional and outgoing. I really loved that the two techs did not speak to each other in their native language. I received excellent, fast service and I can not wait till I am in Lawrence again so I can go visit again! The owner was there and he was really a great person. Spoke perfect English and was very accomodating!

Rating: 5

ChootemLiz Stitch On Needlework & Gifts

I love shopping at Stitch On! They have really cute things and I always get my Vera Bradley there. The staff is always nice.

Rating: 5

ChootemLiz Cold Stone Creamery

Love their ice cream, it is so rich and creamy. Their cakes are the best. They look great and taste great. We've also had their ice cream cookies which are yummy too!

Rating: 5

naturebydawn Bryant Collision Repair

Bryant's made my car as good as new! I had wrecked my car to the point that the insurance company considered the cost to fix it was more than the car was worth. So they only paid the value of the car. I had to come up with the difference if I wanted to keep my car. The difference was about $1,500. But after asking Bryant's about the possibility of using used parts where possible and where safe, they searched around and found me a good deal. I actually ended up paying just under $100 difference instead of $1,500.

I was so happy when I got my car back from Bryant's. They did a fantastic job and I highly recommend them for good honest work.

Rating: 5

lisa_bloom Jefferson Mobile Entertainment

Jefferson mobile played throughout our wedding and reception. He was perfect! Always accommodating and professional and was able and willing to cater to our specific needs for out theme. People have continuously mentioned how well the music was put together. If i ever need a DJ for another event I will without doubt contact him again!!

tjthedj replies...

Thank you for the kind words...

Rating: 5

fiorellaprile Rejuvené Salon and Spa

I have been here multiple times to get my hair done by Ashley and I have to say THANK YOU!!! My hair is dark, crazy curly and I have tons of it!!! I have gone to other places before and never got them to cut my hair the way I wanted it :( Ashley really listened to what I wanted and made me happy :) she was very patient and a perfectionist which you NEED TO BE if you are cutting my hair!!! I also got highlights which came out great!!! I have recommended this place to a friend who went in for a haircut and was also very happy!!! I have also seen Marcia for waxing services and she was awesome!!! I got my eyebrows, lips, FOREHEAD yes that's right! and my arms waxed a few times now :) I love the fact that the room is always clean and she follows all of the sanitation procedures, the services were great and the prices were definitely affordable, also I like the fact that they are always running some type of deal or discount special, just look on facebook or twitter :) I will definitely be back over and over again :)

Rating: 5

Melody81 Maggie Wagner Personal Training for Women

I used to be a couch potato. Maggie inspired me to prioritize my fitness and health. She's very motivating and makes working out fun.

Rating: 1

thebrettj Wow!

My experience with Knology has been disappointing. When Knology brought out Sunflower Broadband, I was excited at the prospect of getting rid of their restrictive bandwidth caps. Instead, Knology has continued to use the existing caps. Not only have they kept these caps, but the data they use on their website to justify these caps (this data can be found at is from April 2007! At the time of writing this review, I pay $46.40 per month for the Silver Broadband plan, which has a bandwidth cap of 50 gigabytes per month. This week I will be switching to AT&T, which while at a slightly slower speed, does offer three times the bandwidth for half of the price.

I understand that Knology is also a cable provider, and so it has a vested interest in keeping its bandwidth caps relatively low so as not to allow many users to access streaming video content (Netflix, Hulu, etc.). This does not mean that consumers should allow the company to gouge them. I for one will be voting with my wallet when deciding what is acceptable from and Internet Service Provider, and I urge anyone reading this review to do the same.

Emily Campbell replies...

I just switched to AT&T... GREAT customer service and price! I was paying almost $80 a month for internet with 50mbds max, showed I never got above 16mbds, and constantly cutting in and out when I was streaming. Since we switched we pay $39.95 a month, and receive 18mbds and has not cut out once! The line is designated to my house so no slow times through out the day either! I love AT&T ask for Carlo at the 23rd St. location he was helpful and knew what he was doing!

Alex Hawman replies...

thebrettj, I am local employee for Knology here in Lawrence and would like to get some more information from you as to your overall experiences with the service as well as what pricing and/or promotions that you will have AT&T. Would you be able to provide us that information? We'd love to see what our competition is offering that would pull you away.

Additionally, I'd like to wrap up here with some information about our bandwidth inclusions. First and foremost, they are not caps. We do not stop nor slow your service once you reach the end of your included allotment. Instead, we charge you for the extra that you use. This allows us to keep our prices as low or lower than the national average for equivalent speeds.

Second, our bandwidth inclusions are designed to fit the needs of 95 - 96% of our users normal monthly browsing habits. Sure, there are the occasional months that users need to have just a little bit more bandwidth, but we don't prohibit them or make them change their package to accommodate that. There are also some users that attract a virus or have an open wireless network that simply do not know about their usage unless they are billed for it. In those circumstances, it allows us to reach out to the customer as an educational session. Additionally, as long as the customer has not had a credit for bandwidth usage in the past, we will credit those charges.

Lastly, we understand your sentiment that we would actively work against technology progression to delivery of video service over the internet. However, your statement is simply not true. It is specifically for this reason that we developed our Palladium internet which has no bandwidth metering. We understand that customers want to be able to watch hours upon hours of shows/movies/cat videos on Youtube, Hulu & Netflix, or listen to hours of Rdio, Pandora or the soon to be available Spotify. Palladium is designed for those customers as it is tuned for downstream usage for streaming audio/video. If we truly wanted to stifle innovation, we would not have designed that data package.

Again, we welcome an open discussion & feedback on how to make our business better in your eyes. Please feel free to respond here or email us at The address is still active and we still have a local presence responding!

mommatocharlie replies...

If you are switching from Knology to AT&T you may well be exchanging one set of aggravating problems for another worse set. I switched from AT&T last year mainly because my account was screwed up every month. I for some stupid reason went back to AT&T in December. The challenge with the billing has not changed. In fact, they bundled someone else's wireless service(three cell phones) with my home phone account. I have been told several times it's been fixed. As of this morning, I was told the same thing again. Customer service has seen a vast improvement at AT&T over last year, but i still know more than some of their CSR. Be careful what you wish for.....

Rating: 5

Nana1433 Bambino's Italian Restaurant

Bambino's has great class. My grand kids were with us, at times they started to get just a little rowdy but our waiter was great with them. Kid talking with them taking their mind away from being rowdy.... The kids liked the pizza... When I saw the total amount for our bill, I was amazed that it wasn't a lot more for this class of establishment. Their motto is 'Fine Food, Fair Price' it should be 'Great Food, Outstanding Prices'. Highly recommended

Rating: 3

Nana1433 Super 8

Nice place, good breakfast but a male heavier set front desk person was mean to my grand children.

Rating: 5

Mandy_Loves_Peace Bambino's Italian Restaurant

I come from the south were the taste of the food is very very important. Since I came up here for school I have not tasted food with the deep deep taste of greatness like we have in the south, till I eat at Bambino's tonight. I'm not talking about the kind of food, I'm talking about the teast of it. Hands down BAMBINO'S HAS THE BEST TASTING FOOD IN LAWRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 5

cashybob1 Bee Creative Studio

Wow! We had such a fun time! My daughter and I had fun painting a cute fingerprint plate. We will definitely be back with our friends!

Rating: 5

JenniferBaker Bambino's Italian Restaurant

Me and 5 of my girlfriends went to Bambino's for lunch/dinner after a baby shower. It was great. After dinner we had a few drinks. Not only did they have a fully stocked bar...I was very surprised to find out that they had my favorite drink Grand Marnier. I have asked for this drink at a lot of places in town and they don't have it but Bambino's dose. After the bar we went out to the patio out side, what a nice place with different kinds of moods, lighting, and atmosphere. I love the service and the different texture of the restaurant side, the bar side, and the out door patio. Thanks Bambino's

Rating: 2

JenniferBaker Jiffy Lube

I didn't like the service. On their behalf they were really busy....but still...I will give them another chance on my next oil change, they better deliver or I'm done with them.

Rating: 3

JenniferBaker Burger King

I don't normally eat fast food or I try not to as much as possible. But the other day I was running late and didn't have any time for anything else other than fast food. Well I stopped at Burger King and I have to say for fast food it was ok. I still do not recommend you eat fast food unless you have too but Burger King was ok.