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Rating: 1

Loxoceles Pella Windows of Kansas

I needed estimates for a window and patio door so I called up the Pella owner off 6th street. I told him what estimates I needed and how I needed them broken down and that I needed them ASAP. He said ok and scheduled a time to come out. He arrived, did the measurements and left. A couple days later I got an estimate. However, the estimate was basically a dollar amount for replacing both items, nothing else. It didn't tell me how much the window or door was, what kind of window or door I'd be getting, whether they were Energy Star rated, how much for labor, etc. So I called him up and asked if he could send me something more detailed as the estimate he provided was no good to me. "I sent you all I have to" he replied. "I won't send anything else without a signed contract". Hmm, that's an odd response I thought. "Well, could you at least send me an estimate showing how much the door and the window cost separately?" "Sure, I can do that". I waited...and waited. A couple weeks went by so I called and left a message for him to call me back. A few more days went by so I e-mailed him. No response. I called again and actually got him. I reminded him of our conversation and politely asked if he could send me what he promised. Sure, I'll get that out to you. A few more days went by. I e-mailed him with a read receipt confirmation and I got a reply that he'd read it. No response.

Basically the guy wasted a few weeks of my time. I would also note he doesn't show up on the Better Business Bureau even though he links to it on Google Maps. There are other Pella companies listed but none for his particular business (hoping to trick consumers who don't look very hard at the company's address perhaps?). Maybe he does good work but the fact that he dismissed me so readily and has no other references other than one positive review on Angie's list a few years ago makes me suspicious the guys just after a quick buck. Better to go with a box store--at least they will treat you like a person and you won't have to worry there won't be a Home Depot in a couple years to complain to if you start having problems with your new windows leaking.

Rating: 5

dploupe Harry Miller Piano Service

Harry is an excellent piano tuner and technician. He spends a lot of time making sure the work is done properly and he charges a fair price for the work done. I highly recommend him for tuning, repair and for checking out pianos before you buy them.

Rating: 2

yoornotmee Fix Salon

I will never go back!

I've had one cut that I loved, one cut that I hated, and this time I didn't even get a cut!

The stylist was 35 minutes behind and took a smoke break. I finally left because I was pressed for time and there was no way that there was enough time to get my hair done. The customer service was poor. The two times I have gotten my hair cut there the stylist reeked of cigarettes, which was disgusting. Now I'm in the market for a clean-smelling stylist who can keep appointments and has good customer service.

TheFixSalon replies...

I sincerely apologize for the extremely poor customer service you received. I had repeated conversations with two of our employees regarding both of these issues, and unfortunately they would not change their behavior. Neither of them are with this salon any longer. We strive to offer professional service that allows each guest to know how much we appreciate the fact that they visit our salon. I would be pleased to offer you a free haircut so that you can visit with one of our other stylists, and promise you will have a satisfactory experience.

Rating: 5

fenris23 Christal K-9 Inc.

I have taken my dog to Christal K-9 numerous times both for grooming and for boarding. They have always done an exemplary job. I haven't met anyone who knows more about caring for dogs than the staff their. I can't recommend them enough.

Rating: 5

ecm5119 Stephens Real Estate Inc.

If you are looking for a realtor, I would recommend Tom Harper with Stephens Real Estate!!

Rating: 5

ecm5119 Mid America Bank

I guess they are officially Mid America Bank now, but either way, I would highly recommend Deborah and crew if you are looking to buy or refinance your home. They truly make a difficult process seem so easy.

Rating: 5

Frantz Handcrafted: A Photography & Design Studio

Need a photographer? You came to the best place! My daughter's senior picture shoot was a fun, comfortable, and best of all, affordable day. Whitney immediately made us feel welcome, and my daughter's photos are amazing. It really does feel like my little girl just started kindergarten, but Whitney photographed a gorgeous young woman on the brink of a whole new life. Whitney gave us a perfect memory as my sweet girl starts her new life.

Rating: 5

Pamela Shanks Price's Appliance Repair

I always call Price's when I need an appliance repair. I estimate I have used them 5+ times over the years for dishwasher and washer/dryer issues. I have found them to be professional, on time and helpful. I would highly recommend them.

Rating: 5

ejoneslawrence Natural Breeze Remodeling, Inc.

We needed a few misc. repairs made outside to our siding and windows. They came out and made the repairs. There carpenter and painter were polite and professional and took care to not damage my landscaping. The clean up was always throurough at the end of each day. I would recommend them. I look forward to using them on a kitchen remodel in the future. What I liked most is they seemed to be honest and did not try to over-sell even suggesting less expensive options for the repairs.

Rating: 1

southernmiss Milton's

Not where you want to go to relax and enjoy with friends. After you pay your bill, if you don't leave quickly enough, the owner will come to your table and TELL (not ask) you to leave. I will not go back, and neither will my other friends who have had this happen to them, too! Very rude!!

Rating: 5

eudoraaces Eudora ACES Society

This is a very well organized group with a warm and friendly support system. The resources and speakers have helped us with our family.

Rating: 5

lobro4 <!--1--> DoctorDave Computer Repair

SImply the best option in Lawrence for getting the computer and home network service you need. Home networks including your digital tv recorders. If diagnosis and software troubleshooting is what you need, he is your man. Answers calls and emails in a timely manner. Friendly and courteous. And what a bonus--- he will come to you at no extra charge!! Give him a call. You will not be disappointed.

Rating: 5

shaley8160 Winning Touch Therapy Sports & Therapeutic Massage

Never had a massage? Don't have a perfect, spa-ready body? Drive out and let Beth work on you, she truly has gifted hands, and is so nice I could hardly stand it!!!

Rating: 5

Cephalopod Eileen's Colossal Cookies

Fantastic cookies! I find myself in this place all the time. The decorators are really skilled! Perfect for birthdays or any occasion.

Rating: 3

Lawrence_Resident_ Body Boutique

I just got off the phone with the owner of Body Boutique. She's a reasonable woman and we worked out our problem. We've never had a problem with the actual service that Body Boutique offers, just the way they handle closing an account. While I can't say I agree with their practice, I can say that the owner handled the situation correctly and our problem has been resolved.

Rating: 5

Lawrence_Resident_ Starving Artists Moving

I've moved a lot inside Lawrence. Every time I hire a company for loading and unloading. These guys were the best in all my experiences.

Rating: 5

Lawrence_Resident_ Garber Automotive, Inc.

Excellent service and great prices. Very trustworthy. My family has gone to them for years. They're very personable and honest.

Rating: 1

simpleton Wow!

Impossible to get work done with service that is slow, if it is even up.

Knology_CCOC replies...

simpleton, I am currently a Call Center Supervisor at Knology here in Lawrence, Kansas. I am very sorry to hear of your issues with your Knology internet. If you are willing, I would love to speak to you in regards to the issues you have had. To keep your personal information protected you may email me at .

simpleton replies...

Hi Knology_CCOC. Lawrence Marketplace did not email me to let me know there was a reply waiting. Thanks for your interest in helping. We have a new modem, but the speed still drops drastically at odd times. Sometimes dropping many packets. So, I would imagine it wasn't (entirely) the older modem. Next time I'm in the office and it happens, I'll call again. Thanks.

Rating: 5

kidatheart Body Boutique

lawrence_resident - boy, you are a disgruntled person/man. sorry to hear your harsh words about body boutique. would be very interesting to hear their side of the story. i find it very interesting that you are slamming so many lawrence businesses all in one day. i read your harsh words about meadowbrook apartments and the professional moving storage, too. would be interesting to hear their stories as well. i would recommend using your nice voice - you would probably get better results from all the people with whom you do business.

Lawrence_Resident_ replies...

I would love to hear Body Boutique's side of the story. In fact, I've called them numerous times and left messages for their manager's to call me back, but they haven't. So, yeah, I'm a little disgruntled at the fact that I'm being ripped off and they don't even have the decency to call me back. If they can't get a message to their manager then what makes you think they can explain a contract to someone?

I posted reviews for different companies that I have had good and bad experiences with. I did it all in one day because I'm new to this website. I'm sorry that Body Boutique falls into the bad category, and you have taken offense to it.

Too often companies think they can lie, misrepresent, or cheat their customers out of money. Most of the time people do nothing, which only makes the problem worse. I'm not one of those people.

Rating: 4

Lawrence_Resident_ Laird Noller Quick Lane

I would go back.