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Rating: 5

Lawrence_Lady Jayhawk Dental LLC

I broke my front tooth on a burrito and walked into the office to see if Dr. J would be able to fit me in. He was able to get me a temporary crown right away so I didn't have to walk around for days with a broken front tooth. Thank you so much.

Rating: 4

Kimberly Grosse Dunn Bros Coffee

I like going here because of it's location close to my workplace. The drive through service is quick and the staff is mostly friendly. They have good specials too.

Rating: 5

nturpin2015 Marc Kissinger

The best Chiropractor in Lawrence, Kansas. Will listen to all your back and neck pains and work them out. Great staff and well trained. couple words sums it all up, just one of the best indeed!!!! Advanced Health Center 3017 W 6th Street!!

Rating: 5

billintex Kretyen Fair Trade Gifts & Coffee

Wide range of hand-made gifts; all very useful, decorative, or tasty. The atmosphere sings: "We Are the World!"

Rating: 1

NotinOz Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop

Disreputable, dishonest. Scams college students. Asked to pay for parts on estimate a former employee "missed". Then made me pay for a tail light assembly his mechanic broke when removing to fix the real damage from the estimate. Said estimates are just guesses at what needs to be repaired and can't be held liable for additional items that arise during repair - really?? even if it's your employee's fault??? Shame on you for running a business that way. Unprofessional. Stay away.

lovemycars replies...

Are you sure that you have all of the relevant information regarding your situation, or claim? I have done business at Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop for years with a variety of vehicles and have never been disappointed in any way. The work has always been top notch and completed quickly. Rereading your comment, did you notice the word "estimate" was used referring to the work rather than the word "quote"? They do this because there could be unforeseen circumstances that occur during the repair that require a more extensive repair, and cost.

For an example of the same type of situation in our daily lives, please try this:
Please tell me exactly how much you will spend on your grocery bill this week, without looking in your fridge or pantry. If you nail it to the penny, you are a lucky guesser in my book. If you get within $15, you are pretty realistic and consistent. If your total grocery bill was $150, and you were within 10% that would be considered pretty good. Do you expect professional repair specialists to be more precise than that?

Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop is the only place in the region that I will ever take my vehicles for auto body repair...and I don't even live near Lawrence anymore!

Rating: 1

Cassie Finch Oh Boy Chicken

Walking down Mass the menu always catches my eye. Finally I gave in and my family tried it. While everyone who worked there was nice, that's about all I have good to say.

It took forever for our food to come out (about 40min) and there were only 2 other tables seated. The price of the food is pretty expensiveThe sides are 2.99 and of course come in the smallest bowl made. I ordered the chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, and mac & cheese. My husband ordered the 2 piece, greens, and mac & cheese.

-Chicken fried steak: tasted like flour, and that is all -Mashed potatoes: had NO flavor at all -Mac & Cheese: it was good, but it's just noodles and velveta...kind of hard to mess up -2 pieces of chicken: My husband said the coating had a nice flavor Greens: were the worst. All you could taste was vinegar

We complained about the food because we felt at the high price, there should have been no problems with flavor. We only had to pay for 2 drinks, the mac & cheese, and my husbands chicken and our total was still over $20. While I love supporting local places, this will not be on our list to try again. I wish Southern Cuisine was still at this location

Rating: 5

Kurt77 Miller Mart

I have been to Miller Mart couple of times to buy live bait, the price is 30% less than Clinton lake marina. I have always got 3-4 extra minnows when ordering a dz and, I am happy with their service.

Rating: 5

Bob-RJ Burkhart Veterans Of Foreign Wars

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Rating: 1

chibbit Factory Direct Appliance

I had a new washer and dryer delivered and upon delivery the washer was BROKEN. I called to see if they could replace it or give me my money back and all they did was direct me to the manufacturer, very unapologetically, even though I was delivered a BROKEN washing machine. I will never use them again and would ask everyone to be very weary of buying appliances from them.

glaplante replies...

I am very sorry about your experience you had on your washer and dryer. Customer service is our top priority, please let me know who you talked to so we can address this issue.
All manufacturers would like one opportunity to repair your appliance before it is exchanged. Most of the time it is a simple fix but if is something major we would be very happy to replace it. Please give me a call at the store so we can discuss your washer and make sure it is repaired to your satisfaction. We do appreciate your business and hopefully we can earn it back. Once again I am very sorry.
Greg LaPlante

Rating: 5

fishing Dos Reales Authentic Mexican

Let me put it this way. If you are looking for really GREAT Mexican food, Decent Priced, NIce ambiance, Great Friendly Service, and Family friendly, this is the place to go. Once you have eaten there, you will never eat Mexican anywhere else. Oh, the Acapulco is something to behold, but with all the other choices you can't go wrong. Our friends and family eat there several times a month, and all of us have had only excelent meals. No matter what you order it's going to be served Hot and taste great....Trust me.

Rating: 5

Alice Brewer Beach Heating & Cooling

I, like so many others, had trouble with my a/c during the heat wave that we experienced recently. I called Beach to come check out my air conditioner, not expecting immediate service because it was over 100 degrees and I knew of a lot of people having problems. Not only were they out that day before 2pm to check it out, but the service gentleman diagnosed the problem, went to get the part needed and had it installed before 5pm. I am very impressed with the level of service I received and it did NOT cost me an arm and a leg! thanks much Beach!

Rating: 5

mcalister Tiny Tykes Playcare

Kellychong777 pretty much covered it all. I couldn't be happier with Tiny Tykes. My three year old daughter loves it and has thrived in the environment there! Amy couldn't be any nicer. The best thing is that I wouldn't trust anyone more with my children! You should definitely check it out!!

Rating: 5

Bridget Stoneback Appliance

Our realtor recommended Stoneback when we moved to town and she definitely didn't stear us wrong! We love this team. We bought a home and needed to replace all of our appliances. They met and in most cases beat all of the competition, including the box stores on price. On service they were so far above and beyond it is without description. They even came out to the house when we were moving last month to help us out of a jam with the washer and dryer. We were sad to leave Lawrence and incredibly sad to say goodbye to this team. Our thanks to Stoneback for everything!

Rating: 2

somedude20 23rd Street Brewery

Ho-hum at best. Over the years I have tried the place 5-7 times and each time that I order real food (steaks, pastas, burgers) I have been rather disappointed with the quailty of the food and the service. Really, if it was not for friends that use to work there I would have stopped going years ago because it really is just that bad!! Now, having said that they do a good job with foods that are hard to mess up (pizza, fries, humus, nachos, mini corndogs) and they have 2-3 killer beers (really do love the barley wine and red ale).

Rating: 5

R M Yokohama Sushi Japanese Restaurant

I went there for the first time recently. I can't believe I've been missing out on this place. It was amazing!

Rating: 3

purplesage Bigg's Barbeque

My first experience was an undercooked burger. Despite that, I have been back a couple of other times with better results. Some of the sides are a little disappointing but so far, the fries and the barbeque beans hvae been good. The tenderloin is tasty. Be aware that it feels very much like a bar.

Rating: 1

AS Redy2Party - Party Bus

No partying room what so ever! If I wanted to be limited to my seat I should have gotten a limo! Who would ever guess Futon seats in a partybus!

Rating: 5

trishannevv My Nails

Anna owner of "My Nails" always does an amazing job. She is wonderful to work with and very customer focused. I can not imagine going anywhere else.

Rating: 1

recruiterlady1 Johnny's Tavern West

We are new in the area and went to Johnnies North 2 weeks ago it was fantastic great pizza. But Johnnies West is closer to our home so we went there on the night of 8/7 big mistake the pizza was was terrible. The crust was like cardboard and not very tasty not New York style at all. No more Johnnies West for us!!