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Rating: 3

penguin04 La Parrilla

I agree with a lot of the other posts. I love La Parilla but not crazy about their change to a full service restaurant.

Rating: 5

penguin04 Burger Stand at The Casbah

Love the Burger Stand! Used to go when it was at Dempsey's and feel like it is just as good, if not better, since it has moved to the Casbah. Service is always great (I usually ask for off the wall combinations and they always oblige). Price is a little high, but most of the trendy restaurants downtown are. Poutine fries are amazing! We always take out of town guests there.

Rating: 4

penguin04 Bambino's Italian Restaurant

Have been to Bambinos several times since they have moved to their new location. Service has always been good but their food can sometimes be hit or miss. Bruschetta is great, but either our server messed up our order or they don't know what cavatelli is. Sometimes their breadsticks are awesome and other times they are hard as a rock. Lawrence is in desperate need of a reasonably price, homestyle Italian restaurant and we're hoping that Bambinos can fill that void. They need more pasta specials and a good side salad with their pasta dishes, but food is pretty good other than that.

Rating: 5

tcbo Stuart Chiropractic Health Center

Dr. Stuart has been caring for our entire family for over a year now. We started visiting him when we were told that our youngest daughter needed to have tubes in her ears. After the first couple of visits, we could already see the benefits of his chiropractic care. He even met us on a Sunday evening at his office to do an adjustment for both of our daughters when they became sick over the weekend. Needless to say, it has been over a year and our daughter has not had surgery because Dr. Stuart has helped her so much.
Both Dr. Stuart and his secretary are the most kind and caring people we have met in the health care industry. They are flexible with our schedules and go the extra mile to help outside their normal business hours. We truly consider them as part of our family and our girls continually ask when they get to go see, "Dr. Stu" again? This is definitely the best chiropractic office in town!

Rating: 5

mmw Stuart Chiropractic Health Center

Dr. Stuart has been extremely caring and helpful to my entire family since we started going to him six years ago. He treats my son for asthma and allergies and he no longer needs an inhaler. When my daughter injured her ankle at school he came out to my car and carried her in. He has always been honest and I am grateful for his care and genuine concern for our health.

Rating: 1

monkeyshoer Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

I would like to know if anyone has been there recently that thinks the food is good... I was there last weekend and I got chicken tacos, and the meat was sooooo dry it crumbled, and I ordered it with no lettuce or tomato and got both on it. Also weirdly even though the chicken meat was so dry my tortilla was super soggy so the thing was not good and I couldn't even eat it. The margarita was good though. This was only the second time in 6 years I have eaten here because it was not good the first time either, but I decided it was time to try again. Yeah, its not gonna happen again.

somedude20 replies...

Their food is gross. I have been to that place 4-6 times, the first two (god, around 04'-05') times the food was good but the last few years it tastes (rhymes with pit) and don't get me going on their salsa. That junk tastes like Ortega and that is not a complement. My advice, go for the drinks and watch a KU game, if you go to eat, have a cold so the nasty taste of the food does not come through as well and get home to a bathroom quick as all that grease will go right through you!!!

Rating: 2

jaybird79 Stuart Chiropractic Health Center

Rating: 5

Jane Stevens Jayhawk Guttering

These guys are the BEST. They came out right away, tackled the problem. It was wind-related -- the gutter sang like Meatloaf in 30+ mph winds. Had to wait until the next wind; it wasn't quite tight enough. They came out and tightened it down, with no extra charge. And, they noticed a few other things not quite right with gutters on the other side of the house; called and asked if I wanted that fixed. You bet, I said. They're professional, prompt and aim to please. I'd recommend them to anyone with a gutter problem.

Rating: 5

VTSaxy ALL-N-1 Landscape

ALL-N-1 is a great company to work with! We asked that a design be created for our front and back yards. The designer, Anthony is knowledgable, friendly and thorough. He took time to visit our property several times and make a plan that fit our needs. Our front flower bed is now beautiful and his team worked quickly and neatly. We are going to continue to work with Anthony and ALL-N-1 for the rest of our projects. They are highly recommended!

Rating: 3

Bob-RJ Burkhart Willow Ridge Development

In mid-2004, I asked Fort Leavenworth’s Fire Chief (George Ramirez) to help co-pilot USNPS-LC200 sequels. We introduced Emergency Preparedness BSA best practices to Monticello Twp’s Willow Ridge Home Owner’s Association.

Rating: 1

lizzyp13 Adorable Animal Designs

We were in a pinch and called up Adorable Animal Designs because the summer heat had approached quickly for our dogs and we couldn't get in quick enough to some of the places we've gone in the past. Getting our dogs in was also 'no problem,' but customer service and the finished product not so great, which of course lets us know why getting them in was 'no problem'. One star doesn't even cut it. I recommend spending your money elsewhere, like Pawsh Wash or K-9 Kuts in Baldwin. Our dogs look horrible, granted they were a mess to begin with but they've been much worse and have come out looking actually normal at other local groomers.

Priding themselves on hand scissoring is just wonderful, especially when they didn't even try to keep any of our Shih Tzu's facial hair. It's gone, all of it, despite instructions to leave facial hair as long as they could on all 3 dogs we brought to them.

Note: we did call to discuss our upset and to let them know that we wouldn't be coming back and they were argumentative and said, "that's fine," to end the conversation. We did question them about why they ended up cutting as much hair from the faces as they did, and they just had excuse after excuse. Again, we've gone elsewhere and they've taken the time to work with their faces, and not just cut it off. "Awesome" customer service and good job trying to ease the customer's stress.

Trust us, go elsewhere. We now have 3 dogs that look horrible, don't take your chances.

ylime3499 replies...

You said it yourself that "granted they were a mess..."--obviously too big of a mess!!”leave facial hair as long as they could"--obviously they couldn't!! Ending a conversation with that's fine after being belittled, only assuming with the tone of your review, sound "fine" to me! They will not lose my business, or their other loyal customers. We will continue to take our three dogs; two cocker spaniels, and a lhasa apso there for as long as we live in Lawrence. Thank you Adorable Animal Design for your continued work ethic and professionalism! Don't let this one bring ya' down!!

kharris0113 replies...

As you stated upon check in that morning you apologized and said they were all 3 in horrible condition.
Stating you had been highly recommended to come here, we take much pride in our services and care we provide here.
I have several golden doodles who are scissored and labradoodles and shihtzus as well , however we saved the coats and matts we shaved off with a 10 blade off their faces alone.
I cannot perform miracles if you wish to have a nicely scissored dog it needs to be brought in much more than what you have previously taken them to pawsh wash or custom cuts in Baldwin.
I explained to you that the dogs had sores where matts were pulling away from the skin .
I also told you when you said you were sorry for the condition they were in that yes they were super matted and everything would be shaved off and you replied take it all off except the tails .
I do all I can for the best welfare of the animals I groom , with what I have to work with .
We provide affordable prices under all other shops to hopefully provide affordable maintenance for all animals as to not get into that condition.
AS for the customer service , I am sorry you feel we were not serving you satisfactorily.
I have been grooming for 21 years and am also a vet tech , I DO NOT just shave dogs for no reason.

kharris0113 replies...

what about the stress of a business owner ???? and groomer who does care and takes pride in their work? where is the right in that again I am just so frustrated that you can try and try and communicate with clients and do all you can possibly do and still have reviews like this BLOWS ME AWAY and also the summer heat doesnt creep up on you to have matts like that I just do not understand how some people can honestly write and post these kinds of things .... YLIME thank you again .

lizzyp13 replies...

I stand by my review.

I believe that if the groomer had an issue with how the dogs were then they could have said something and used the moment to teach. You didn't try to communicate with us at all.

There are a number of spots that were missed on each dog. On the Shih Tzu, we took her to the vet a few days later because of the sores...she's developed allergies and was scratching herself too hard. The nurses kept laughing and commenting on how horrible her grooming job was. We take the dogs to the groomer about 3 times a year, which is not as much as we wish we could, but the point is, no one else has ever cut them this short and goofy looking before.

I'm glad others are happy, but the point of this marketplace review section is to allow both sides. Compared to others this business did an incredibly subpar job.

Topple replies...

I once let my dog's hair get too long and it became matted pretty badly. The groomer I used in Kansas City warned me that they'd likely have to shave him because getting the mats out would be very difficult and painful.

I understood that it was MY fault that my dog required the shaving, not the groomer.

Rating: 5

wheesnah23 ACME hot & fresh t-shirts

GREAT place to have fun, and design your own shirt!! great people and they are helpful!

Rating: 4

Graczyk Basil Leaf Cafe

I ate at the Basil Leaf for the first time this evening. I called in my order for pick-up and the person who answered the phone was both helpful and pleasant. I ordered two entrees and a side of bread sticks. I thought the bread sticks were tasty, but perhaps somewhat under cooked - just by a bit. My wife didn't think the marinara sauce was that special, but I thought it was excellent and I am the one writing the review, so...

I had the Penne Abruzzi. This is a fantastic dish. I didn't really like the sun-dried tomatoes in the sauce, however. They were an almost startling contrast to the other flavors of the dish - almost briny. Criticism aside, I would still order this dish again. My wife had the Five Layer Lasagna. That is an all around fabulous dish - other than having perhaps a little too much noticeable salt.

One note about the great container controversy that you may have read about from a previous review. Basil Leaf Cafe uses typical to-go containers and serves very large portions. They have posted a sign that warns customers to be careful when transporting food. I heeded the sign but still ended up with a little sauce on the outside of box, but it was contained in the bag. No big deal. Maybe they could cut back their portion sizes so that the sauce has less chance of escaping? (Just kidding.) The place is a great value and the two meals my wife and I enjoyed were fantastic. I highly recommend it.

walterbradley replies...

Thank you kindly for your friendly and honest review and for coming in and dining and giving the gas station guys a chance. Hopefully we will see you again soon and may have earned another customer, look for some new menu changes in the coming weeks as we are always changing things up a bit and will have more seasonal items on the way soon. And by the way I agree on the sun dried tomatoes I am not a fan of them per say but many people are and I just pick around them anyway lol. Your review and comments were taken to heart and appreciated thanks again and please come again soon. Have a wonderful day..
Sincerely Brad Walters..."Walt"

Rating: 5

Dave Greenbaum On The Rocks

Looking for a great selection of beer and wine on the East side of town? Look no further than On The Rocks. As a beer lover, On the Rocks is a welcome addition to this part of town. A large variety of beers by the pack and individual chilled bottles make it a great destination . If it’s distributed in Kansas, they probably have it, and have it by the bottle so you can try one before buying a six pack.

The wine and liquor selection is great. Helpful and knowledge staff make this a winning place.

Rating: 5

Eric Gruber American Family Insurance - Garvin Daniel

I've had nothing but good experiences with Garvin and his staff. They were patient, courteous, and of all the companies we were looking at a year ago when we bought our home, American Family had everyone beat on prices, too.

(Note: The picture above is outdated. The offices are now on West 6th Street just west of Hy-Vee.)

Jessica Schilling replies...

Thanks for the note about the photo. It's been updated.

Rating: 5

R M Henry T's Bar & Grill

Great food, great atmosphere, a great place to watch a game! A Lawrence landmark!

Rating: 5

jonathan46 Shawnee Optix

I had great service,It was much better then the chains and was not pushy like the hi end places I could not believe the selection over a thounsand quality eyeglasses in store,I found what i was looking for and feel good about purchase both in quality, service and of course price, highly recomended.

Rating: 1

wowiekt08 (in.gre.di.ent)

I had the absolute worst dining experience at this restaurant and I will never return.

We had no problem placing our order, but as soon as we found a seat after having to search for one because they had not cleared/cleaned empty tables we realized that there were well over 15 parties who had not received their food. Within 2 minutes of sitting down, a server attempted to bring my fiance a plate of fish tacos, which he had not ordered. When he told her that was not what he ordered she very rudely told him that his number was 36 and that was what he had ordered. He told her his order and she returned with the correct entree with the incorrect side. It was apparent he had been given someone's order who had ordered long before we had. About 15 minutes passed before he was able to get someone's attention and tell them that he was given the incorrect side. The same server then produced a bowl of fries and my entree, but the third person in our party had still not received her food. The server then told us that they were very backed up and that it would be a while before she would get her food. My food was served to me cold to the touch. My fiance's burger was also cold and was cooked beyond black. The fries he was given were also cold. There were no napkins to be found in the entire restaurant. Over 40 minutes elapsed between the time we ordered and the final person in our party was given her food, which was served to her cold as well, and initially they attempted to give her the incorrect order.

There were people who had sat down before us who had still not received their food when we left.

I will never return to this restaurant. I will tell other people to never come to this restaurant. I can see beyond mediocre food, but the service we received here was inexcusable and I wouldn't be able to tell you how the food was because we each only had a couple bites until we realized it was beyond cold. There was no salvaging this meal/dining experience. It was horrendous to say the best. I wish I could give this restaurant no stars, but that doesn't appear to be an option.

I am most upset with the way we were talked to and belittled by the serving staff. We will be contacting management regarding their service.

Rating: 5

kuspiderman Jayhawk Concrete Finishing

Chris and his trusty sidekick James poured a basketball court and did a stamped concrete patio for us this spring. They were done on time, on budget and really communicated with us throughout the process. We are thrilled with the work they did and will recommend them to everyone who asks us about our beautiful patio & court. Price was fair and they clearly took pride in their work. Happy to write a review for these good guys.

Rating: 5

dk3197 Oriental Bistro & Grill

Best Asian food in Lawrence! Friendly staff and the food is unbelievable!!! We will not be eating anywhere else from now on.