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Rating: 5

jackconnor1 None

Great food and a nice owner. The curries, samosas, and beverages (especially the mango juice) are all incredible.

Rating: 5

eudoraaces Eudora ACES Society

This is a very well organized group with a warm and friendly support system. The resources and speakers have helped us with our family.

Rating: 5

lobro4 <!--1--> DoctorDave Computer Repair

SImply the best option in Lawrence for getting the computer and home network service you need. Home networks including your digital tv recorders. If diagnosis and software troubleshooting is what you need, he is your man. Answers calls and emails in a timely manner. Friendly and courteous. And what a bonus--- he will come to you at no extra charge!! Give him a call. You will not be disappointed.

Rating: 5

shaley8160 Winning Touch Therapy Sports & Therapeutic Massage

Never had a massage? Don't have a perfect, spa-ready body? Drive out and let Beth work on you, she truly has gifted hands, and is so nice I could hardly stand it!!!

Rating: 5

Cephalopod Eileen's Colossal Cookies

Fantastic cookies! I find myself in this place all the time. The decorators are really skilled! Perfect for birthdays or any occasion.

Rating: 3

Lawrence_Resident_ Body Boutique

I just got off the phone with the owner of Body Boutique. She's a reasonable woman and we worked out our problem. We've never had a problem with the actual service that Body Boutique offers, just the way they handle closing an account. While I can't say I agree with their practice, I can say that the owner handled the situation correctly and our problem has been resolved.

Rating: 5

Lawrence_Resident_ Starving Artists Moving

I've moved a lot inside Lawrence. Every time I hire a company for loading and unloading. These guys were the best in all my experiences.

Rating: 5

Lawrence_Resident_ Garber Automotive, Inc.

Excellent service and great prices. Very trustworthy. My family has gone to them for years. They're very personable and honest.

Rating: 1

simpleton Wow!

Impossible to get work done with service that is slow, if it is even up.

Knology_CCOC replies...

simpleton, I am currently a Call Center Supervisor at Knology here in Lawrence, Kansas. I am very sorry to hear of your issues with your Knology internet. If you are willing, I would love to speak to you in regards to the issues you have had. To keep your personal information protected you may email me at .

simpleton replies...

Hi Knology_CCOC. Lawrence Marketplace did not email me to let me know there was a reply waiting. Thanks for your interest in helping. We have a new modem, but the speed still drops drastically at odd times. Sometimes dropping many packets. So, I would imagine it wasn't (entirely) the older modem. Next time I'm in the office and it happens, I'll call again. Thanks.

Rating: 5

kidatheart Body Boutique

lawrence_resident - boy, you are a disgruntled person/man. sorry to hear your harsh words about body boutique. would be very interesting to hear their side of the story. i find it very interesting that you are slamming so many lawrence businesses all in one day. i read your harsh words about meadowbrook apartments and the professional moving storage, too. would be interesting to hear their stories as well. i would recommend using your nice voice - you would probably get better results from all the people with whom you do business.

Lawrence_Resident_ replies...

I would love to hear Body Boutique's side of the story. In fact, I've called them numerous times and left messages for their manager's to call me back, but they haven't. So, yeah, I'm a little disgruntled at the fact that I'm being ripped off and they don't even have the decency to call me back. If they can't get a message to their manager then what makes you think they can explain a contract to someone?

I posted reviews for different companies that I have had good and bad experiences with. I did it all in one day because I'm new to this website. I'm sorry that Body Boutique falls into the bad category, and you have taken offense to it.

Too often companies think they can lie, misrepresent, or cheat their customers out of money. Most of the time people do nothing, which only makes the problem worse. I'm not one of those people.

Rating: 4

Lawrence_Resident_ Laird Noller Quick Lane

I would go back.

Rating: 5

Lawrence_Resident_ Oasis Lawn and Landscape

Great work.

Rating: 3

Lawrence_Resident_ Westridge Wash & Lube

Good service and fast. A bit pricey though.

Rating: 5

Lawrence_Resident_ Hastings Books Music & Video

They have titles you can't find anywhere else.

Rating: 5

Lawrence_Resident_ Goodcents Deli-Fresh Subs

Fast delivery, great service, and good food.

Rating: 4

Lawrence_Resident_ Pyramid Pizza

Good pizza!

Rating: 4

rbs Meadowbrook Apartments and Townhomes

Sounds like Lawrence_Resident had a bad experience. Weird. . . I've lived at Meadowbrook for 7 years and never had a problem with the management. I just renewed my lease last month--I think Meadowbrook is a great place to live.

Rating: 1

Lawrence_Resident_ Meadowbrook Apartments and Townhomes

They will try to charge you pet rent. I had to take them to court to get back hundreds of dollars they tried to bill me for move out and to get money back for "pet rent." It is not legal in Lawrence to charge additional rent for pets. Don't fall for it.

PenKat replies...

Funny, because I can't find anything in the Kansas Residential Landlord Tenant Act that says they can't. A lot of places in Lawrence charge pet rent.

Rating: 1

Lawrence_Resident_ Professional Moving & Storage

My dresser top was scratched horribly. They also tried to blame me. After admitting fault they had it fixed by someone who made it look worse than when it had a scratch on it.

Rating: 1

Jhawker76 Body Boutique

If I could give body boutique no stars I would.