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Rating: 3

Enoughsaid McLaughlin Roofing

Around May of this year I hired McLaughlin to replace my roof that had hail damage. I felt his price was fair and they were prompt to start the job and finished in one day. I do feel he sub-contract the work to a group of hispanics from Topeka who are very hard working, honest and polite. The new roof they put on looked top notch and they spent a good amount of time making sure they picked up every nail and pieces of debri from the old roof.

With that being said I recommended McLaughlin Roofing to my brother-in-law around July. McLaughlin Roofing returned my brother-in-law phone call but never showed up the following week like he had said he would. My brother-in-law hired a different roofing company.

Around August I again recommended McLaughlin Roofing to a friend who lived out in the country. He needed a new roof on his house and barn. He hired McLaughlin Roofing and to my knowledge was pleased with their work. Around September I again recommended McLaughlin Roofing to a friend of my wifes. Last word I had was that she was still waiting for McLaughlin roofing to return her phone call she had left with their company.

After hearing that McLaughlin Roofing had failed to return her phone call, I decided to get involved and inquire why they have had such a difficulty in returning her phone call. Well it has been almost three weeks and I've called their anwering service twice and McLaughlin Roofing has yet to return my phone call. What concerns me now is that my new McLaughlin Roof on my house has a five year warranty with their company. What good is the warranty if the company won't return your phone call.

I've contacted one of their roofing suppliers to see if they have gone out of business. I was told they were still in business.

To hire this company would be a coin toss because they forgot about Customer Service.

davemclaughlin replies...

I am glad your roofing project went well enough that you felt confident in my company to refer me several times, this is what we strive for in our roofing service. This has been an un-ordinary year with hail hitting several cities that we do work in, call volume has increased more than 400% and we have had difficulties in returning all calls. I apologize for the lack of response to your calls. We do prioritize calls and I can assure you that warranty problems will be addressed promptly. Referals are crucial to the success of any company, we will continue to work to return all calls. If you or anyone else would like to visit with me directly I can be reached at 785)764-5085 Dave McLaughlin

Rating: 4

CHKNLTL Kennedy Glass, Inc.

It took awhile to get my door, but it's good as new now. Thanks, guys!

Rating: 5

Tileman River Rock Family Dental

What a great family dental office!!! I moved to this office a few months ago and very glad that I did. The entire staff is welcoming and kind. When I arrive for my appointments the staff welcomes me and even knows my name!!!! Talk about customer service!!! Both Dr. Valbuena and Dr. Joice are exceptional at what they do and make sure to explain and answer any questions that I may have. I would highly recommend!!!

Rating: 2

ljpppp Henry T's Bar & Grill

We have a big family so we choose restaurants with the best specials and only eat what is on specials. We love Henry T's Sunday taco special. We can take our whole family there without breaking our budget.

However, we decided to try something different so we went for wing night. When we arrived we asked our server how the wings came, if we needed to order in groups of six or what? She explained that she was new and didn't know. She went to ask and came back and told us that they came in half and whole orders, like the menu says. We thanked her and told her that we thought it might be different since it was the special. She continued to take our orders and serve our food and everything was fine until the check came. We were shocked to see our total was 3 times what we thought it would be. The wings were full priced because we ordered before 6:00. When we asked another server, she said that the server is supposed to let us know that the special hadn't started yet. That only made us feel worse.

We are on a tight budget and that blew it for the rest of the month, actually cut into our grocery budget. I guess we won't be returning for tacos for a while.

henryts replies...

I want to apologize for our server and ultimately the manager on duty's mistake. The server should have known what time the special started. It's on giant posterboards visible throughout the building, And the manager should have corrected her mistake on the spot. We're all experiencing financial burdens and blowing your monthly dining-out budget in one sitting makes me feel terrible. We offer these specials as a sincere way of attracting customers and hopefully getting the same customer to come back again and again. I'd like you to contact me at the store anytime so I can make this up to you. Thank you, Sean Gerrity

Rating: 5

bornherelongago Stranger Creek Pools, Inc.

Steve and his crew are by far the best in the area. I've owned my pool for 26 years and every time I call Steve with an issue, he is helpful and responsive to my concern. If we ever decide to move and build a new pool, Steve will certainly be the one to build it. He has a top flight company.

Rating: 5

TopOfTheHill Stranger Creek Pools, Inc.

We built a new house last year and decided now was the time to put in a pool. After checking with several pool contractors we chose Stranger Creek and we haven't been sorry. I had studied salt water pools and Steve had answers to all my questions (and I had plenty). He's patient, prompt and one of the most organized contractors I've worked with. Would I recommend them...absolutely!!! We're so proud of how our pool turned out, we suggested Steve have potential clients come by and look.

Rating: 5

lawfam5 Stranger Creek Pools, Inc.

Four years ago, Steve and his crew changed our boring backyard into a beautiful oasis with a fabulous swimming pool and spa. His knowledge and experience helped us through the process, offering suggestions and improvements to our original idea that made the finished product even better than we had imagined. Since then, he's been always available to answer questions to this first-time pool owner, with lots of patience and humor. I would highly recommend Stranger Creek Pools (and have many times) to anyone interested in pool ownership.

Rating: 5

ct5 Stranger Creek Pools, Inc.

Our experience with Stranger Creek was outstanding. We had a very intricate project, with an unusual patio and pool design in addition to an outdoor living space with a fireplace/pizza oven and pergola. Steven King collaborated smoothly with the other people on the project and was directly involved every step of the way. The project was done professionally, on time, and on budget. Three years later, Stranger Creek continues to service the pool and respond immediately to any questions or requests that we have. I recommend them without hesitation.

Rating: 5

Jd Finch Terrebonne Po' Boys and Desserts

I had the gumbo and my wife had the phillies cheese steak and both were excellent. Good portion size, well spiced, and the wait was negligible despite the crowd. The gumbo came with a good helping of rice and the best corn fritters north of new orleans. And at under $7 a piece, it's an excellent buy. I'm a local and this place rates up there with Free State and Wheatfields.

Rating: 5

brc Stranger Creek Pools, Inc.

I was so surprised to see a negative reveiw of Stranger Creek Pools that I had to comment! After contacting Steve King about a pool, he came to our house and took the time to understand our vision of what we wanted in our back yard and pool and then in a timely manner gave us an accurate estimate. He worked with us during construction making any changes we requested and helping us with additional ideas as the project progressed. We felt like we were working with a friend, not a disinterested contractor. We paid for changes in material and the assoctiated labor need, but the charges were fair and in line with the cost in the original bid. We are extremely happy with our back yard and pool and would highly recommend Stranger Creek Pools.

Rating: 5

cc73 Stranger Creek Pools, Inc.

Agreed, Steve and his crew helped us turn a derilict out of whack pool into a pool to behold. They showed up and did exactly as they said they would, when they said they'd do it. He worked with us as the plan evolved through the process. He has a hard working crew that paid attention to the details. Their follow through and follow up is un-paralleled in an industry that Is lacking. He'll definately be the first on my call list for the next pool job I am involved with...

Rating: 5

M35a2c Stranger Creek Pools, Inc.

Steve and his crew did an excellent job on our pool. They were great to work with and they had great ideas on how to develop our backyard. Steve took the time to come out and give us a detailed estimate, unlike some of the bigger KC pool builders that just gave us a 'ballpark' estimate over the phone that was much higher with less options and upgrades. Highly recommended!!!!

Rating: 1

ImTooOldForThis Stranger Creek Pools, Inc.

Useless. Owner claims to have major knowledge of pools but cant get anything square or level. Shocking lack of knowledge from staff. Amateur and should be avoided.

StrangerCreek replies...

I’m the Owner, Steven King, and I’m certainly disappointed that your experience has left you with such a negative opinion of our Company and Crews. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your challenges with you and work to resolve them. Please call me direct at 913-645-3135 or email me at and we can discuss solutions.

We work very hard to make sure we produce and provide quality and value in our efforts and our reputation is very important to us. The Company Crew possesses in excess of 130 combined years of experience in building swimming pools. Our most junior crew member possessing five years and myself 25 years of experience involving over 800 installations. I assure you we have the talent, skills, experience and resolve to address your challenges.

Rating: 1

cerridwen01 Accent Pet Grooming

Horrible place. It took forever to find it, since it is in the worst place possible with no signage. Then I paid almost 30 dollars extra because they said they took my dog outside to go to the bathroom and they gave him a bath, which was a blatant lie, and is included at every other grooming place. To make it worse, they called me 40 minutes after they said he should be done to say " you do know he's done, right?". They were rude, disgusting, and like I said before, horrible. Never going back again.

2lil2blonde replies...

I don't think that is a true statement for this place. I have been going there for about 10 years now and they only charge 3 dollars a potty break. I have never had them treat me or anyone else I know that goes there like that. I do have a question though if they called you 40 minutes after they said he would be done why hadn't you called them or picked up your animal by then?? It sounds to me like they were just asking if you knew and you took it in the wrong way. Like I said I have been going there 10 years and haven't had them be rude to me yet they are all nice young women.

Rating: 1

lovelawrence53 Starving Artists Moving

actually disgusted by this company. treated me worse than any company i've ever work with! bashes on customers every chance they get (for example, just look above! bashed on that customer!!! WHAT GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! SIGN ME UP!!!!) After my absolutely awful experience, I thought I was the only one. Some of my friends told me they used them too and they were intentionally slow so they could milk the clock (for example, took every couch cushion, one at a time.. are you kidding me????) and bumped couches, tables, etc. into the walls... yeah really experienced!!! One of my friends said he called after the payment went through to ask a question, and of course after the payment went through they were so rude to him, didn't call him back for months and my friend is furious!! I have some serious problems with this company. We live in LAWRENCE, not New York, you can't treat good Lawrence citizens this way!! There are plenty of other movers in town that I have heard great things about and if this company didn't scar me on ever using a moving company again, I would use some of these others ones I've heard great things about!! And honestly, its moving furniture, not rocket science. But the thing that really got me was the lack of customer service. I won't be surprised at all when some jerk representative replies to this post and completely bashes on me like they do everyone else!! This company is disgusting and please people, if you read this I AM TRYING TO SAVE YOU!!! DON"T USE THIS AWFUL AND JUST PLAIN RUDE COMPANY!!!!!

ps If i could give this rating no stars, I obviously would.

Rating: 5

Mike Willoughby Danielsan Electric

Dan is a great guy, very nice, efficient and tidy worker. Very accommodating with our work schedule too. He has been our go-to electrician for 6 years now and has worked on two retail spaces for me and has done a few projects at our home. Always easy to deal with. I can highly recommend Danielsan Electric.

Thanks Dan!

Rating: 5

edday Floyds Drain Cleaning

Professional. Reliable. Guaranteed.

Drain clogged? Call Flyod's.
Want to avoid a clog and get those tree roots out before the drain backs up? Call Floyd's.

Last night at 6:30 I called Floyd's because the drain had backed up. By 7:30 he had the job completed and was on his way. Great service. They always do a good, quick job and guarantee their work.

We have relied on Floyd's Drain Cleaning to take care of our drainage problems for almost 15 years now. They have never failed to take care of our unexpected clogs from tree roots. Floyd's will also schedule a clean-out in advance if you want to avoid drain back-ups..

Rating: 1

TAX_PAYER Googols of Learning Child Development Center

Very strict about breakfast time, arrived at 8:03 and was told by the owner that they would not be able to eat, because the cut off time was 8, My children no longer go here.

Emily Campbell replies...

So because you didn't follow the rules you expected to still receive the breakfast? I do understand 3mins come on, but why shouldn’t the rules apply to you? If it's 8am, and you stated you knew that, what's the issue? Leave your house 5mins early next time and there won't be an issue. There are rules for a reason, and what does that teach your child? "The rule is 8am, but really they mean something else". If I ever have children this review would not deter me from this establishment, but probably make me feel better about bringing my children here.

GOL replies...

I’m very sorry to hear you had an unpleasant experience that day. I’m not sure who you spoke with on that morning, but as I am the owner, I can assure you, it was not me. Usually, if a parent is running late and misses the main meal, we can find something to fill their child's tummy until the next meal or snack, and offer items such as bagels, a bowl of cereal, or a breakfast bar, for instance. Since we are open eleven hours a day we provide 2 meals and 2 snacks daily. It is true, we do have a schedule for meals and snacks and do have to clear dishes and food at a certain point. As you noted, breakfast is served from 7:30-8:00, morning snack at 9:30, lunch from 11:30-12:00 and afternoon snack at 3:00 upon waking from naps. We try to stick with the schedule for two reasons primarily. First, we are serving upwards of 100 children a day (four different times) and the kitchen needs time to wash, clean, and prepare for the next meal or snack. Secondly, little tummies appreciate a schedule, so we do our best to make sure food comes out on time every day. I understand you decided to move on, but I hope you know you could have come to me with any concerns. We only have each child’s best interest at heart.

Rating: 5

cal3door Basic Carpet Care

Basic Carpet Care has been cleaning my carpets at my business and home for many years. They do an excellent job each and every time. I wouldn't have any one else clean my carpets. They are professionals in cleaning the carpets and they care. I receive a thank you card after each visit to make sure that I am happy with the cleaning job. I like that.

Rating: 3

Alice Brewer Yello Sub

I think they would sell a lot more sandwiches if they would deliver west of Wakarusa. In fact I know they would, I love the Mega Roast Beef. Gonna have to call someone else.