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Rating: 2

tooltime59 23rd Street Brewery

Poor service every time we have been there. Waitress was a little tipsy one time, must be fun to work there there.

MattLlewellyn replies...

tooltime50, So sorry to here about your experiences at the 23rd Street Brewery. Our goal is to make sure every guest leaves our restaurant loving us. Please feel free to give me a call I would love to do whatever I can do to change your opinion of us. I take our goals very seriously and trully do want to make you love us. Thanks Matt Llewellyn 856-2337

Rating: 1

4Craig Blaine's Overhead Door Service

My neighbor had this company come out and in the process they drove through my yard. No it was not to deliver materials, but simply due to not caring. I confronted the worker and he pretty much called me an idiot. Saying that he couldn't believe that was all I had to worry about. Then he denied doing it, even after I stood there and saw him do it. When I called the company to discuss the matter, it apparently went to this guys cell phone as he made excuses and eventually hung up on me. Now I am left with ruts in the yard from the weight of this companies heavy truck driving over the soft wet ground. Of course the ruts extend SIX FEET into my yard because this person doesn't care!

Rating: 5

Suzanna Hicks Home Sweet Home Dog Resort

I have been taking my dog to HSW regularly since August 2010 and it has been the BEST experience for her and for me. The staff are so caring and engaged to the point that they were instrumentive and supportive in a recent NEW doggie addition to our family. I give them an unqualified highest rating and recommend them to anyone needing this kind of service. Thank you Home Sweet Home!!!

Rating: 5

EdNumbe Pickleman's Gourmet Cafe

We went in for dinner last week and there was no where to sit because it was packed. For such a long line we were impressed with how quickly we got our pizzas. Employees were so nice and our pizzas were so great! Got a delivery today in 15 minutes! We love this place. Welcome to Lawrence Picklemans!

PS Try the Buffalo Chicken Pizza with BBQ sauce on it, The guy there suggested it and it was amazing.

Rating: 5

peckjeremy77 AJ's Custom Signs & Graphics

Thanks for the awesome Car Window Graphic.... Looks Great on my Back Glass!

Rating: 5

superduper Lawrence Aquahawks

I've been very happy with the coaches since my daughter started swimming with the AquaHawks. There is a real team atmosphere and the staff has a lot of experience. We have made a lot of friends this last year and my daughter is constantly improving her times. Thanks to everyone for making AquaHawks a 40+ year winning tradition.

Rating: 5

Dave Greenbaum Noodles & Company

Although this is "yet another chain," it's pretty darn good. Obviously the focus here is noodles, but they have a great selection of soups and salads. Consistency and reliability is always on the menu here.

Vegetarians and vegans will love the options here as they are clearly marked and the calorie conscious among us will find a large number of dishes that fit within a sensible eating plan. Dishes come in two sizes and I frequently get the Med Salad large which is filing and only 310 calories. The price can't be beat.

Service is wicked fast, but the place can get busy so a table is sometimes hard to find and after being in Lawrence a long while, it's a very popular spot.  Be warned in the winter though. A few tables are right by the door and it gets extremely drafty. I've made that mistake more than once.

Look for the rice krispie treats at the checkout because life is always better with rice krispie treats!

Rating: 4

sunflowerhue M Street Interiors

The staff at BIAO always makes me feel welcome and they go out of their way to help me find things that will work in my home.

Rating: 4

Debbie Snyder Pickleman's Gourmet Cafe

Our group had dinner and we tried a sandwich, soup and pizza. We enjoyed the thin crust on the pizza. The restaurant had a nice atmosphere. We were disappointed in the prices and felt it was overpriced with what we received for the meal. We would recommend eating here. Staff was friendly and helpful. Welcome to Lawrence!

Rating: 5

tankernav Lawrence Aquahawks

A time proven tradition AQUAHAWKS since 1968. They have now added swim lessons.>

Rating: 5

73driver M Street Interiors

Love having another home interiors option in Lawrence. The quality and variety of merchandise at BIAO make it so easy to find anything on my wish list. Not to mention, the courteous and knowledgable staff put this store above any other in Lawrence.

Rating: 4

phogsky Pickleman's Gourmet Cafe

The food was great! I had some sort of pizza sandwich, unfortunately the size of their portions left me unsatisfied. I had a whole pickle on the side, which was so good I will probably do that every time i eat there from now on. I will eat here again, because it is a bit different than Jimmy Johns, in that the atmosphere is relaxing and the sandwiches are heated. It is similar to McAlister's Deli, but because it is on Mass St. and doesn't have a common franchise name like McAlister's it seems more of a local restaurant.

Rating: 4

Helena Pickleman's Gourmet Cafe

Pickleman's has a nice variety of sandwich, salad, and pizza options. I had the Pickleman's cafe club, and found it quite satisfying. It was just right for me for a light lunch that wouldn't bog me down later in the day. My only complaint was that a place called Pickleman's, which uses a pickle in it's logo, doesn't automatically serve a pickle with every sandwich ;). At least you can order one as a side. Staff was friendly, helpful. I will definitely add it to my list of quick and easy lunch stops downtown.

Rating: 5

debbi Pickleman's Gourmet Cafe

We enjoyed our lunch at Pickleman's. The prices were fairly reasonable and there was a good selection of sandwiches, pizza and soup on the menu. It was a good amount of food for the price. I wouldn't compare the sandwiches to Jimmy John's, which I also love- they are more similar to Yello Sub in my opinion. Definitely get a cookie, they're delicious!

Rating: 5

ecm5119 Animal Clinic of Kaw Valley

I have taken all of my pets here for many years. Linda and her staff are great.

Rating: 3

therxbandit Pickleman's Gourmet Cafe

Pickleman's was fairly bland. Nothing about the sandwich stood out to me, and I found myself wondering why I hadn't just gone to Jimmy John's and gotten a larger sandwich for the same price. Unfortunately, I was unable to try their pizza. Maybe that could be their saving grave.

Rating: 5

Travis Arellano Pickleman's Gourmet Cafe

Had lunch here and really enjoyed it. Tasty food and soup will definitely make this a regular eating spot.

Rating: 3

ylime3499 Burger Stand at The Casbah

We've loved going to the Burger Stand!! Over the multiple times, even at Dempsey's, we've had great experiences except for the last time. Saturday night we brought family member after raving about the amazing food and atmosphere. It was busy (not an issue), loud (to be expected), but we weren't told they were out of the micro-greens when we ordered, and when we did have our name called the cheese wasn't even melted, and the meat wasn't hot enough to do so. Disappointed because we wanted to show this place off. Better luck next time though? That was our first time going on weekend, so is this a common issue since it's busier then?

Rating: 3

christopherhess 715

I came in based on a recommendation but not sure I can do the same. The back door was open creating a frigid environment for patrons. We were told it was needed for the smoke--shouldn't there be inherent ventilation for that issue? I can understand small (but exquiste) meal size portions, but if my drink was more than 2 ounces in volume I'd be shocked. Would really enjoy the prospect of having a mixed drink of both quality and volume, not one to the exclusion of the other. Finally, could there be a little more spacing between patrons, please?

Service was good with friendly, helpful staff. I think I'm addressing management / ownership issues in my review.

Matt Hyde replies...

Mr. Hess,
First of all I want to thank you for trying 715 and for your feedback. You are very correct about the ventilation, it's been a problem that we are addressing and should have totally remedied in the near future. You should be able to dine indoors comfortably! I apologize for the cold climate. A few people have brought up the cocktail quantity concern that you mention and I appreciate your thoughts on that. As far as the spacing between tables...there are several tables in the restaurant not as crowded as others and we'd be happy to seat you at one of those should you choose to come in again which we hope you will. For every few seats we remove the higher the prices need to be and we are determined to stay competitive with our pricing. So glad to hear the staff was friendly and I truly hope you give us another try in the future. Please feel free to call me directly if you'd like to discuss anything further. Again, I truly appreciate your feedback.
Matt Hyde 550-2521

Rating: 1

ylime3499 Owens Flower Shop

Very disappointed--my valentine came by my work to see how the delivery of the flowers he’d ordered a week prior turned out. His request of 6-12 red carnations with hydrangeas if possible turned out to be one hydrangea with two pink carnations, and a bunch of yellow daisies (or something that resembles them). Upon calling the shop and explaining, hoping it was just a mix up, he was told they were sorry and what the person had written down was just an arrangement of carnations (I would hope that would include more than two thrown in on the side falling out of the vase regardless the color). Again he commented that it wasn’t what he ordered and was again told “sorry”. So much for customer service! This business is not the only of the kind to service the area, and one we will never use again. Use caution!!!!

On a side note when I first saw the arrangement I tried to take it with a grain of salt, because it was such a massive holiday for this service, but nothing looked right. The colors didn’t really go together, and besides the yellow flowers being everywhere, if there was another type it was all to one side or arranged with scotch tape!