Rating: 5

January 13, 2014

This is one of those rare occasions that makes me regret the absence of a ten star ranking system. Five stars are simply not enough to express how exceptional this company is. In our day and age of diminishing expectations, KSR Roofing is a throwback to those blissful times when the customer was always right and contractors approached their jobs with the care and professionalism of a medical doctor. Our roof was as challenging as they come and among other issues featured squirrel damage so severe that it could have compromised the structural integrity of the home. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, KSR and specifically Aaron went out of their way to help us immediately. We were not only presented with the best imaginable quote but were even given a wide variety of options, colors and materials (and incredibly, they all fit within our modest budget)! I can not imagine a more professional, efficient and dedicated crew. The challenging job was completed in just over a day. The roof looks fantastic, all the damage was repaired, and we don't have to worry about it for at least 30 more years. Perched on a high, sharply sloping surface, the roofers worked with surreal precision, coordination and discipline. If they were a basketball team, they would be in the Final Four every year and Aaron would be in the coaching hall of fame! Furthermore, dealing with the company as a customer is a pleasure. How often do you see a business that treats you like a member of their family?! Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the price was beyond reasonable. I'd say that Aaron and KSR have expectations of their services that will always exceed the expectations of the customer…and that's very, very rare. Aaron, thank you on behalf of my entire family! I regret that I can not do something more for this outstanding business. Five stars simply doesn't do it justice and no matter how good my review is, it will never be as good as the roof over my head!