Rating: 2

December 10, 2013

Don't shop these guys. This place does have nice features for a store, but don't let that fool you this place is a museum for a reason. I'm an old school gamer out for the obscure older things, that being said some times I look at things they don't have priced yet (being completely aware of what I could buy the item for on amazon or ebay in a heart beat with shipping) and they will literally insult my time and intelligence by making me stand there a couple of minutes while they look up the items "worth" on ebay. Don't get me wrong ebay is a nice site, but there are a lot of people posting things at prices no one will ever buy for, fishing for a dummy. Then while I wait for this ebay scanning to get under way, a guy will trade in an old item I know is about $60 on any ebay given day that no one would pay for it and they would charge it in a heart beat. So, of course they buy it for $5 and immediately price it at $60 to sit there for years on end. What happened to good business? That's 1100% profit, why not sell more items for cheaper than ebay and make a profit. Lawrence business used to be more about the people, now it's just greed. Stick to ebay. It's well worth the wait. Two stars, both for atmosphere and asthetic. Not a customer favored business.