Rating: 1

August 9, 2013

We hadn't gone here in a few years then tried it again a couple of months ago. LOVED the remodel, the food was amazing, service even better. We started eating there more and brought some guests and children with us one night. I admit we arrived close to closing, about 9:20/9:30. We were sat, very pleasant experience, took a minute to get our drinks (no biggie), and at 9:40 went up to the Hibachi grill with one of the kids (10yrs old). The cook came through the doors and said "What the F*%@ we're closed!" aggressively took our plates, stormed through the doors and cooked the food in the back, brought it back out and pushed it on the counter to the point that items fell off the plate. This was August 2nd, a Friday they close at 10pm, and we will never go back.