Rating: 5

July 24, 2013

I was given KSR Roofing's name from my Lawrence realtor. I live across the country now and had my house under contract for sale but it needed a new roof for the sale to be finalized and I only had 10 days to get it done or the sale would fall through. I called KSR, they gave me an awesome estimate within 2 hours, and got me set up to remove the old roof, add additional venting needed, and replace the roof with shingles that matched the duplex neighbors shingles. They were unbelievably friendly, they kept me informed by text, they sent picture texts as well, they were fast, and they did a great job making sure the entire area was cleaned up. My son tells me the roof looks amazing and they got it finished with 3 days to spare! BUT....even with all that......there's more......I also needed a plumber, and had no clue who to call in the area. They knew someone who was trustworthy, called them, oversaw the repairs for me, and made sure that the price I paid was fair. If that isn't a full service roofer, I don't know who would be. Thanks Again KSR!!!!