Rating: 1

July 2, 2013

had heard good things so I took my wedding dress to her - she did not listen to a thing I said about what I wanted it to hang on me, how I wanted the train to hook up to the back for dancing or anything. I took it to her 4 months in advance, she apparently kept putting it to the side for "more important" things; finally had me come in for my first fitting since dropping it off 1 month before my date. Told me she would have done 2 weeks prior for $150 - finally had it "done" 2 days before for almost $300 (I had gone to her in first place to save $ over David's Bridal where I bought the dress) - and I still hated the way it looked, but at that point had no time to get it fixed elsewhere! Aneita's Alterations is the only thing that went wrong with my wedding and almost 2 months after the event, still almost brings me to tears when I think about how my dress fit! I was not able to get pictures of it from the back because you could see my undergarments and the train button looked horrible. Some of her stitching started coming out during the wedding so in some pictures there is a weird bulge on my chest and I could actually feel the threads pulling! I would not trust her with anything valuable or meaningful to you! It seemed to me she did not actually have the know how to be working on wedding dresses, but did not tell me this and when I would tell her it wasn't feeling right she ignored my feelings and basically said well that's how it goes. On my final fitting when undergarments were still showing she tried to blame it on the undergarment - 1) It was the undergarment I was wearing when I bought the dress and alteration lady at David's Bridal said it would work great! 2) It was the same undergarment I had worn to every fitting, so she should have said something sooner and I maybe could have found a different one if that truly was the issue. IF I could change anything about my wedding it would be taking my dress to Aneita!