Rating: 1

July 2, 2013

Been living here 2 years; as far as the apartment itself I like it. Decent sized was in good condition when we moved in, though we did have to clean some gum out of the carpet ourselves. It is way different then show unit - there are NOT ceiling fans in every room like advertised; it has a full solid wall between kitchen and living room, unlike the half wall shown; the "free tanning, gym, and pool" are across town in another complex and have inconvenient hours and staff can't even give you good directions. Moved into this apartment from out of town, took me first year to even find the other complex with gym, then was disappointed to only see about 2 machines and hours like 9-6 or something that is not convenient for anyone with a job. Unfortunately ever encounter we have had with Office Staff has been horrible; Lease runs out at end of June, then will begin calling you about twice a week in October trying to get you to sign a new lease - they will offer all sorts of promotions for signing a lease, but when you finally go in to do it they say oh sorry that is for new move ins only. They threaten that if you don't renew lease by March they can't guarantee you will stay in the same unit. They told me I could not put my bicycle out by the parking lot chained to the railings as it is unsightly and might attract thieves, but people have lawn ornaments, clotheslines, dog poop and everything else everywhere! We set coolers out on our deck in preparation of a weekend trip one evening, by the next day we had a note on door that it needed to be stored out of sight within 24 hours or they would "store it for us"; again other patios have clotheslines, pet cages, millions of kids toys, etc and we get nailed for 2 coolers! I got to the office at 4:55 to pick up a package UPS had left, girl was locking door (they close at 5), I hollered told her I just needed package it would only take 2 minutes, she informed me she had management permission to lock up 10 minutes early if no one was in there so she was leaving, proceeded to lock door in front of me and walk out. They do not give good notice they will be entering apartment; I will be in and out of my apartment multiple times after 5pm in evenings, then next morning when I go to leave for work at 6am will find note they will be in apartment that day and I need to lock my pets up - has made me late for work multiple times! We have pictures and notes of condition of apartment when we moved in, so I hope we have chance to get deposit back when we move out, but I don't have my hopes high based on other experiences.