Rating: 1

June 25, 2013

I completely agree with JPinkman's review of Century. When my child re-entered public school after being at Century for 2 years, her teacher told me that Century has a reputation among teachers and school administrators for sending kids back into the public school system completely unprepared to meet the academic assessments and standards in place at the public schools. (Sure wish they had told me this before I dropped about 12,000 there!) They claim that their students meet or exceed these standards, so where is their proof of this claim? I have never been one to believe that assessments are the end all be all of academic measurement. However, when your child attends Century, you will have absolutely no clue as to whether they will be able to match the expectations of the public system when they re-enter (and since they only go up to grade 6, they will have to at some point unless they move to another private school). And being non-accredited, there will be no independent, non-biased assessment of your child's academic progress.I had no idea how far behind my daughter was until she moved to a public classroom. Not being able to meet such standards when they re-enter the public system means they will suffer. Of course, if your child happens to be way above average anyway, they can likely make up the deficit in a year or so. If your child is average or has learning disabilities, this will be a serious impediment for them. Possibly for the rest of their school years. As far as whether or not the kids enjoy attending, of course most of them do! For the most part they are allowed to do whatever they want. It's total chaos most of the time I have been in a classroom. One of my biggest regrets about the whole experience is that I did not speak out about this particular child constantly harassing my child, (who unfortunately was always in the same class with her though I'd requested she not be). Whereas in a public school setting there would have been at least 2 teachers to help out in a class the size of the classrooms at Century, one teacher is expected to oversee up to 16 students or more, all at different levels of academic development. It is a ridiculous expectation, and humanly impossible. Their system simply doesn't work. No matter how "nice" someone tells you they are, or how happy their children are, at Century, do not be dissuaded from the facts. My child's difficulties (amongst many others apparently),are proof positive they are extremely lackluster, and really, downright dangerous to a child's education. Their "system" does not work. But they certainly aren't going to give you references to any former parents who are NOT happy with them. Beware of the "former parental hype". No one wants to admit they spent a huge amount of money for a worthless education for their child. I will tell you straight, and others will concur, you are making a big mistake if you enroll your child here.