Rating: 4

June 4, 2013

I use this pawn shop all the time. they have been good to me, and sometimes the guys do give you a hardd time but keep in mind they DO deal with tweekers and crackheads comin in tryin to get over on them. you ever had a bad day at work and unknowingly taken it out on someone else?? i have. if you didint get what you wanted for it maybe you are a smoker. they know what they can buy things for and still make a profit, look into the business, the items they get in dont always sell within minutes or sometimes even days. so they have to buy cheap to avoid higher prices for people who like me, buy and sell there. all the guys including the short curly haired dude whos name ill refrain from using, and the boss, are worth giving a shot. and how do you know it doesnt cost them money to run those background checks, you ever apply for an apt, had to pay for a background check, failed and lost that money?? same principle appliesStrong*Strong*StrongEmphasisStrong