Rating: 1

March 14, 2013

NEVER TAKE YOUR DOG TO THIS HORRIBLE GROOMER. My wife took both our dogs to Accent pet groomers at 12:30 and it was agreed that they would be done at 5pm that same day. My wife tried to call them several times around 5pm but could not reach anyone. She finally got a hold of the someone around 6pm and they said that our dogs would be complete in about an hour. At 8pm my wife went to pick up our dogs an when she got there both dogs had been bathed but NOT groomed. She told the owner that she wanted our dogs back and she would pay the services completed. The owner told my wife she would NOT give her our dogs until they were groomed. Frustrated, scared and very mad at this point, my wife decided to call the Police. While they waited for the Police the owner had one of our dogs groomed. The Police were not very helpful but we did get our dogs back. We paid FULL price for INCOMPLETE service. This was the only way we could get our dogs back this same day. There is NO WAY I would leave my dog at this place over night or for that matter another 30 minutes. The owner was VERY RUDE to us and if she was this rude to us then I wonder what our dogs went through staying there for 8 hours. I am going to report this groomer to the better business bureau.