Rating: 1

February 2, 2013

I like to read reviews with more than "it sucks"...so here goes: we had dinner there a few nights ago (party of two). When we arrived, we were given the table by the door. The weather was cold that night (3 degrees), so the idea of freezing while we ate was not appealing. When I inquired about another table option, I was told she said" there were no other tables". So I asked if we could sit here until another table opened up. We then proceeded to watch the next three sets of customers get seated in the section "with no other open tables". Meanwhile, the same hostess failed to assign a waiter to the cold table by the door, so we sat there without any service until one waiter noticed us and apologized for the obvious mistake. Fortunately, my dinner partner and I were engaged in a conversation, so we did not notice that 45 minutes had passed without any service. Once our order was taken, we sat for another 40 minutes without seeing another staff member. I got up and inquired about the timing of our order. The hostess snipped off and a few minutes later we received our appetizer and dinner within a minute of each other. I am not sure what got mixed up in the process, but I usually like more than 60 seconds between appetizer and dinner. The appetizer was lukewarm and the hostess told us that the kitchen made it wrong, that's what took it so long. When the dinner arrived, the waiter was shocked to find us still eating our appetizer. The dinner meal was fine, but the food was lukewarm. In the end, mistakes were made (not the first time) but the service was just too poor to ignore. Great lunch buffet, but be careful about dinner service..I wont go back.