Rating: 1

January 19, 2013

Went to hurricane alley and purchased the "premium wash" ($16!). I looked at my car after going through and noticed there was still dirt on it, and overall it was very smudgy and spotty. I figured a 16 dollar car wash should get the car clean so I returned to try to get my money back or at least drive home in a clean car. The man I spoke with was very rude and explained to me that he thought the car was clean. I specifically pointed out the undeniably dirty areas and he finally acknowledged them and said he would let me go through again, but first made it clear that this was a one time thing, and that I would get the cheapest car wash this time around. He continued to explain that I was nit-picking and being unreasonable. Clearly he didn't go to school in public relations, hence that he's still working at a car wash at 50+ years old. My first and last trip to the wonderful hurricane alley