Rating: 1

December 30, 2012

I have serious issues with Jayhawk Pawn. Several years ago my house was burglarized and several instruments and amplifiers were taken including one of my favorite guitars. THE VERY NEXT DAY I went into Jayhawk Pawn and asked if any instruments matching the description of mine had come in (they said no) and I even gave them a flyer with descriptions and pics in the event that my stuff showed up there later. Of course I never heard back from them. About a year later someone from the local police called and informed me that they had discovered that my property WAS INDEED at Jayhawk Pawn THE VERY DAY I CAME IN, sitting in the back room, but after that the trail went cold. I AM FURIOUS WITH THESE LYING SLIMEBALLS, and I will do whatever I can legally to expose their rotten, crummy business practices. I would do the previous poster even one better and give JAYHAWK PAWN a negative rating if I could.